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I need to start actually posting the day things happen, not the day after.

Connie just bitch-slapped Goren! HAHA! I love this episode. Creepy cultness and all.

So, last night was totally fun. Although Colin was crying and yelling throughout all of dinner (he went to the Avs game with his dad during the day, and only got about a two hour nap before dinner, which is hard on a two and a half year old). After dinner, when we came back and opened presents, that was fun. Colin adored all of his animals.

I did my part as the "older sibling", too. I was reading my Rugby World magazine (which, I forgot to mention, my mom got me a year subscription of) and made a point to show Anna, who was lying on her blanket in the middle of the living room, the cover and told her "You're gonna play rugby, right Anna?"

I took lots of video of Colin when he was being just plain adorable, too.

Seelysode tonight! WHOO! I'm hungry.
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