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"'Cause I like to touch BLOOD."

Latest Crossing Jordan reactions.

THREESOME! Would rock. Woody/Jordan/JD foreva!

“You’re a good man, Hoyt, despite what she says.” Nice long kiss. Woody and JD are such children. But funny children! And I want that threesome, damn it.

Davey. Heh.

“You two are going to love it here. It’s so…”
Both smile. Hee.

“Only got six toes between ‘em!”

I am going to LOVE this episode. I can tell already. A murder at a hotel that has a murder exhibit! A blind caretaker with only six toes! What wacky hijinks will follow?

“Besides the fact that they vacation with the dead?” Hee.

“So technically, a ghost COULD have killed Mr. Rivers.” HAHA!

I love the glower/stare Bug is giving Lily. Aw. They’d almost be cute together.

Please, PLEASE don’t let this be another Bug flirting with widow thing. Argh.

I bet Ryan O’Reily did it. Sorry. Mrs. Alvarez’s husband was killed, and they were wondering who might’ve done it. I got confused.

Creepy kid! HEE!

“It’s such a happy place!”

“’Cause I like to touch BLOOD.”

“The blind guy with no toes?”
”Actually, he has six.”

“This is a new one on me, they kill you when you try to make a withdrawl?”

Seely wants to hit him, you can tell. Hee. Is this Seely’s office? There’s lots of model cars in the background. I need to download this episode and see if it shows what the hell room they’re in, since it’s not an interview or interrogation room.

Yay meaningful glance! Yes, I WILL ride this ship until it sinks, why do you ask?

God, I would hit those honeymooning freaks.

“Or a ghost carrying the body downstairs.” I bet Davey did it. Hee.

EEK, DEAD BLIND GUY WITH SIX TOES! And the kid’s totally taking a picture. Heh.

“Actually, he wants to know if he can… touch the body.”
”What? No!”

Poor Bug. Lily’s all distracting him. On purpose, too. Hor.

Seely called Jeffrey? I have a fic to write now. MUST. WRITE. FIC.

Bug rolled his eyes! And then shrugged. He’s totally dancing inside.

BWAHA! Standing across each other with the bed between them. HAHA.

Did Woody just sniff his pits? Typical boy.

“That’s my side of the bed!” God, he’s such a child.

Haha, the people above them are having sex. Haha!

“So how ARE things with you and Pollack?”

Pollack/Nigel OTP!

“Oh great, with the guy she used to date.”

Poor Pollack.

Come on, Jordan’s confiding in Woody (her OTP), and Pollack’s confiding in Nigel (HIS OTP)! COME ON!

“I mean, the sex is great!”
“Yeah, too much information.”

Aw, real!Woody’s back. That’s pretty. I like that. I’m actually FOR Woody/Jordan now. They’re adorable.


I love that Woody’s all walking around with his gun out.

Oh. My. God. The female honeymooner just took the dead blind guy's glass eye. This show is so messed up. I love it!

“You slaughter two people and then take pictures of yourself with them?”

Come on, where’s Seely? He’s the detective, he should detect!

“We don’t just pick and choose which laws to uphold!”
“Of course you do, that’s what D.A.s DO!”

Aw, Bug brought up Seely. That’s sweet.

“Sheriff Davey”. Oh, God. That will NEVER stop being funny.

Yay Seely, you found the key evidence!

Seely goes in for the kill. Which isn’t a kill.

Seely totally looked like he didn’t want to hold Bug back, but did anyway.

Cyanide! That’s the one that smells like almonds.

HAH! I KNEW IT WAS DAVEY! Small town law enforcement, what I tell you?

Aw. That new AT&T commercial is cute.

It back! No shoot Woody, Sheriff Davey!

HE MISSED! HAHA! He missed.

“How about a little warning next time, Rambo?”

Wait. Mebbe Sheriff Davey didn’t do it? And they were counting on us to think that, because of the stle thing (small town law enforcement).

“You are brilliant and I am so stupid.” Hee, Bug, that’s not true.

“What did he did?” *snort* That’s hilarious. I love Sheriff Davey.

It’s the Laramie boy! ARGH!

She made Jordan go out to the shed? And did so without anyone else seeing?

Poor Davey. He got set up. Aw, Davey.

“A hearse. A coroner in a hearse. Nice touch.”

“Get in. Don’t make me ask you again.”
“Or what. You’re going to kill me twice?”
Haha, thank you Jordan! That’s always my reaction.

Book ‘er, Dave-o! *snort*

Bug and Seely are so smug. It’s cute. They’re cute. I love them.

Haha, I love when they’re smug.

“I’m going to call my lawyer now.”
“It better be an expensive one.”

Aw, Jeffrey. You’re such a good boy. Why does he keep looking at Bug, though? Probably just nervous. Why am I thinking about this?


Aw. Aw. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW. JD, you big ol’ sweetie.



Me watching preview: Look, that’s Seely in the background! LOOK, SEELY! OMG, Seely got a line in a preview!
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