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"Sarcasm is the refuge of a shallow mind."

Spoilers for the latest NCIS.


“Mud glistening on their thongs…”

Palmer, McGee, and Ziva having dinner. Oh, the images.

“I haven’t even been to your place and you’re cooking dinner for McGee and the autopsy gremlin? What’s wrong with that picture?”

I love how Tony corrects Ziva’s language oopses without even thinking about it.

She’s totally panicking.

"I'm braless."
“I noticed that earlier too, but on phones they’re bars.” HAH!

Tony’s childhood bedroom was small and dark? Okay then.

“Sarcasm is the refuge of a shallow mind.”

Aw, Tony trusts Gibbs. Aw.

“You ever work with the French, Gibbs?” Okay, that was funny until the flashback. HATE the Paris flashbacks.

Tony. He’s so me.

“I’m open to all things cinema.”

“Por qua?” Tony is hilarious.


“Why are you on top of me?”
”Protecting you.”
“Well, don’t.”

“Let me rephrase the question. Why are you still on top of me?”

McGee, McGee, stop talking. Hee.

“Don’t apologize, it’s a sign of weakness.”

Tony’s making with the smart again! YAY FOR THE TONY SMART!

I changed my mind. Ziva’s me, not Tony. Still harping on it being Tony’s fault. Heh.

“What exactly does this say?”
”Death to Americans.”
“Ah. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
”Perhaps. If it involves a violent and painful death.”

“Careful. This may be boobytrapped a billion different ways.”
“Then why are we opening it again?”

”Um, no.”


“But it’s going to have to be a fake house, because these are counterfiet.”

“It smells like stale alcohol and… your armpit.” HAHA.

Hey, who’s playing the port cop? He looks famil- is that Garrity from Rescue Me? Huh?

“Is he always like that?”
”Yeah, pretty much.”

“Midas. King Cole had a merry old soul.”

“Well it makes more sense than firing a gun inside a metal box, doesn’t it?”

Tony’s such a pyro. Hee. A moron, but a cute one.

“Can I talk to McGee?”

“What happened to Tony and Ziva?”
”Uh, not a good time.”
”You call me as soon as you’re Gibbs-free!”

“No, my worst idea was challenging a date to an oyster-eating contest.”

Tony got forced to play piano, and his teacher hit him with a ruler every time he made a mistake. Aw.

Tony’s crazy with the accents today. And the movies.

She guesses horny, he’s says he’s hungry.

Tony and a sumo wrestler. Heh. Heheheh.

Body Heat? I’ve heard of that before, actually.

“Did you just reveal something about your sex life?”

Ooooh. Tony. Nice one. “First time you realized Daddy wasn’t perfect.” Oooh.

They were like, right above Gibbs. Oh man.

At least he wasn’t a pancake man. Hee. I love that episode of CSI: New York. Maybe I’ll watch it later. Heh. Spatulas.

This episode is only half hour? Sweet. This season, by the way, should be renamed “The Season of Backstory”. Because wow, lots of backstory. And I can’t help but imagine this episode with Tony and Kate trapped instead of Tony and Ziva – wow, that would have totally sucked. Tony would have been even more avoiding of serious topics with Kate. We would have learned nothing of him! And Kate would have been playing the smart one, since she was Secret Service and would have figured out it was fake money before Tony. And they wouldn’t’ve been able to read the writing on the boxes. And Kate would have been standing there sneering and mocking and being her usual annoying-ass self. This episode, aside from ruling, is here to remind me why I’m so glad Kate is dead.

“If they were in the water, they’d be dead. If they were dead, I’d know about it.” Weird part is, I trust him.

“May I ask where they are?”
”Not if you expect an answer.”
I love Gibbs.

“We’ll find them, Jethro.”
“Is that a question or a statement, Duck?”
”More of a prayer.”

“We could be like the homos in those movies.”

“Right, right… I have a plan. We build a time machine…” HAHA!

HAHA, instead of animals eating the breadcrumbs, we have a hobo picking up money.

Escher! Love that guy.

“Just one, Gibbs?”
“You haven’t found them yet.”

Yay for everyone being smart this episode!

McGee, Palmer, and Ziva playing Twister. That would be awesome to see. And Ziva/Palmer is so my new OTP. Ziva/Palmer 4eva!1!eleventy!!!!!!!

Tony shot dead guy three times! Awesome.

Tony’s one of the best agents, according to Abby. And Ziva’s a trained killer. HEE!

Aw, aw. Poor Abby.

“It’s a complicated language.” HAHA.

Who’s this dude? He looks familiar. Maybe I’m thinking of the Operative.


“She shot me! She shot me!” BWAHA!

“Well, boss, maybe if you slow down a little-“ Gibbs speeds up.

YAY! Gibbs said ‘say again’, not ‘repeat’. I’m glad that they remembered that!

Ducky grabbed Abby’s Caff-Pow! HEE! My mom just called it Caff-Cow. *snort* She amuses me.

Ducky always thinks calm.

Uh-oh. Is port guy le evil?

“He’s bluffing!” Tony lights it on fire and throws it

”Then throw out your weapons.”
”Not US, you idiot!”

Is Tony shot? Or just sore?

”Did you see that?”
”What, that guy back there?”
”Yeah, the one stuffing money in his pockets.”

“So, about those friction burns…”
“Only when I’m absolutely positive we’re going to die.”

I knew he was evil. I KNEW IT! Hee.


McGee shut the other bad guys in the container! Perfect!


“I’ve been locked in a box all day, I'm going to the ladies room!”

Aw, McGee/Tony scene! Hee!

God, Tony! You’re such a loser.

And Abby has sympathy for him! YAY!

“What was that for?”
”I’m glad you’re not dead.”

AW! Everyone but Tony got invited! Aw. Poor baby. Even PALMER got invited, but not Tony. Aw. That's just mean.

Icon used because this episode reminded me why I'm so glad Kate is dead.
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