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"Oh be QUIET, Godric. You've been annoying me since the Renaissance!"

"It took me that long?"

"I was IGNORING you before that!"


"All right, I'm thinking of something...black!"

"A badger," three voices chorused.

Helga sniffed. "Well, you don't have to sound like it's so obvious," she said in a hurt voice. "I could have picked something else this time."

"Helga, you've picked that for the past three hundred years," Rowena replied in a long-suffering tone.

"Which would make this the perfect time to choose something else."

"All right, all right. I apologize. What DID you choose."

There was a long pause, then Helga admitted in a very quiet voice, "A badger. But I COULD have picked something else!"

A trio of groans met that pronouncement.

Helga huffed. "Honestly. At least I'm trying! It gets awfully dull around here between Sortings. At least I don't spend all my time sulking over petty grievances."

"I am NOT sulking. Just because I happen to think that Parselmouths are rare enough that I should get first claim--"

"Will you STOP going on about Potter?" Godric snapped in exasperation. "The boy is Sorted. It's done with. I've let YOU get away with stealing some Gryffindors at heart, and you don't catch me whining about it years later. I still say that Snape boy--"

"I'm ignoring you again."

"Good. Now maybe I can get some peace and--"

\\Help me -- help me -- Please help me--//

The Founders were all shocked into silence by the thin voice suddenly pleading with them.

"It's Potter again!" Rowena exclaimed. "I don't think we've ever seen a student this much!"

"Where on Earth are we? And where did a BASILISK come from?!" Helga squeaked.

Salazar coughed. "Er, didn't I mention? Ah...anyway...Ah-HAH! That's what it was about that Weasley girl. I knew Riddle was going to be a problem. That's what I get for taking halfbloods."


"Ouch. Ah, priorities! Keep the boy alive first, yell at me later?" Salazar suggested frantically.

"Oh. Right. Help him fight a basilisk when we're DISEMBODIED VOICES IN A HAT!" Godric shouted.

Salazar hissed. "Why doesn't the boy just try talking to -- Godric, did you just drop a SWORD on his head?"

"Lovely, give the boy a concussion instead of help!" Helga snapped.

Godric protested, "He was supposed to duck!"

"This is the problem with choosing students based on bravery, not intelligence."

"Oh shut UP, Rowena!"

"How does one duck when a hat starts dropping things on your head?" Salazar asked dryly.

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