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Ski Trip and Highlander

Dudes, I'm totally signed up for my school's ski trip. And I'm going tubing. This time? Will be wearing helmet and hopefully there will NOT be a fence at the end of the hill. (Backstory: I once took my intertube down a snowy hill, without a helmet, and was planning to jump off before coming to the fence at the bottom. I failed, and cracked my head brilliantly hard - one of many concussions, I'm willing to bet, although I never got it checked out by a doctor.)

I've been watching some episodes of Highlander season one - I've only gotten through the first three episodes so far, but it's pretty fun. Even if I have to cringe at the cheesyness of some of it. Duncan was particularly bad in the first episode. Connor's hot, though. I'm talking mmm. Ritchie's not bad either. And Ritchie and Connor at least could act in the first episode (Tessa wasn't that good either). Amusingly enough, the second episode had Peter DeLuise in it as a bad guy - and the episode after that had Dustin Nyugen as a bad guy. Amuses the hell out of me.

I'm hungry and tired, so I'll be going now. CIAO BABY!
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