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"Ah, once again my living room has become a CalSci annex."

Glasses guy looks familiar. And cute, but mostly familiar.

Haha, I like the dealer girl. She’s funny.

I hope Colby’s in this episode.

“We do know a guy…”

YAY COLBY! Now, HE’S cute. Mmm.

What’s he doing NOW?

“…we do?”

“You actually get paid for this?”

“You sure you don’t need a permit or something for this?”

Charlie should meet 9News’s crazy science guy – Coloradans should know, the guy who always uses his children as props for his experiments?

Finally copying the evidence instead of letting random math and science folks wander around with it. Yeesh.

What, have they never noticed people PICKING UP CASINGS after killing? Sheesh.

Haha, they all fall into step next to each other. So cute.

“You SAID you attended my lecture.”
*deer in the headlights look*

I love Charlie’s look at Larry after Larry does his initial confession.

“Well, I mean, unless he just has an itchy ear.”

Why’s all the fibbies but Colby gathering together? They always leave him out. Sniff.

Okay, I’m totally seeing the Charlie/Larry. Oh, man.

I love that David’s more disbelieving than Colby over Larry’s cardsharp days.

“He got $5,000, I’m not risking twenty to life for that. That’s just Economics 101.”


“Ah, once again my living room has become a CalSci annex.”

Hee, Larry vs. Alan FIGHT!

“Well, those are the same shmucks who should just stick to the slots.”

Aw. Cute glasses guy is dead. I sad now.

What IS it with Colby and video footage, anyway? He loves that shit.

BWAH. “Brandi… with an ‘I’…” Megan rolls her eyes. HAHA!

“So who do we think should do that interview?” Colby and David immediately look innocent.

HAHA, COLBY! I heart you so.

“I provide a service.” Colby shoots David a look. “Not THAT kind of service.”

“Nah, it’s being cleaned. After months of struggling with the maintenance I decided to give in.”

“I could really use your help Larry.” Loooooong pause. “LAWRENCE.”

Haha, Amita trying to be as vague as Larry. Good luck with that, chickadee.

Who thought bringing a former gambling addict to a casino was a brilliant idea? Charlie and Amita? Oh, it figures.

“Can’t you just see this as field work?”
“Unfortunately, it’s a POPPY FIELD.”

Dude. This was in an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. This one is more interesting, though.

Haha, Colby knows card lingo. YAY COLBY!

Oooh, that’s kind of new. The manager was in on it.

HAHA! “Meanwhile, back in the parking lot?” I love Colby.

Okay, look. Parking closest to the entrance is common sense, right? Do we really need a mathematical principle for that?

Was I the only to guess that Ignacio was the bad guy? (And/or dead.)

Haha, Colby’s pretending to be a teacher or a student or something. Nice try, Colby me boy.

Dude, Dylan Bruno definitely played football. Did you see him take down Ignacio? And dude, he shoulda played rugby. I wish I could take people out like that.

Twenty-two years? *adds* Yeah, the math works. Heh. Math.

Dude. Larry/Don. I must write post-ep fic! STAT!

God, Alan and Charlie. Playing Texas Hold ‘Em. That is perfection defined.

That ruled. I love Blackjack. Roulette, on the other hand, is hell.

EDIT: I was trolling 'round GreatestJournal, and found out something shocking: I'm not the only person who uses Kyle Gallner as a PB. Whoa. Like, whoa.
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