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In which I watch the SVU pilot, contemplate fic writing, and write 'Sigh' a lot.

Heheh. I'm watching the pilot of SVU on USA, and it just got to my favorite part: Munch snorts, Cragen turns to him and goes "What are you doing?" Munch's response? "Eavesdropping." without even blinking. I love it. And Cassidy was so cute. Sigh.

And now the Munch-lunch-rant-about-conspiracies! YAY! Hee, I love Cassidy bahing when Munch asks him if he's a sheep. And I'm totally getting a Munch/Cassidy vibe, yo. There needs to be more Munch/Cassidy in the world. And there would be, if Cassidy had stuck around. Sigh.

Munch: "Are we missing some key piece of information here?"
Cragen & Stabler: "Shut up, John."

And now the fortue cookie! I wanna know what Cassidy's said. Someone should write a fic where, after all the events of the pilot, Cassidy finds his cookie in a pocket somewhere and reads it, and it's something significant. Heh. I'd write it, but it would end up sucking horribly.

Speaking of writing fic, I've been bitten by a "write X-Men fic" bug lately. Sigh.
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