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"AFT, I said AFT!" "Oh. I thought you said 'ass'."

Spoilers for the latest Crossing Jordan episode.

EW. I don’t like this picture.

Haha, they immediately start talking about work.

They’re such children. And Woody’s the girl in the relationship.

The ghost thing! Nice tie-in to last week.

“I don’t ask you about your sex life.”
“I wouldn’t mind if you did.”

This reminds me of that 21 Jump Street episode where Fuller get pulled over for drunk driving.

“And the crate elevator is sticky.”

“Your personal effects are ringing.”

DAVID MONAHAN’S NAME IN THE CREDITS! Sorry. I just love seeing his name. Hee.

God, Woody. Shut up.


Woody and Seely friendship! That’s awesome! I need to download this episode ASAP.

Greaaaat, more with the Un!Confortable!

HAHA! Jaws music with the shark’s fin.

“And I thought the DA’s office was weird.”

Ass/aft confusion! God, we need more Woody and Matt hanging out together.

I love Bug’s little Clue thing.

Pure chaos in the morgue without Macy, heh.

“You can sneak out for lunch, it’s always crazy around here.” Sees shark. “…okay, catch ya later then.”

Haha, Jeff. He’s not very smart.

“What are you, psychic?”

“If it quacks like a duck…”
“She’s not a duck! GO AWAY.”

And Matt looks uncomfortable.

“Lily and Brandau, huh? I figured if she was going to go for a dork, it’d be you.” Aw, Matt, just because you’d go for Bug over Jeffrey… Hee.

“Beginning to look like the dork was right.”

“One plus one equals two, not three.”

“Unless Dr. Macy was three sheets to the wind while investigating this case, it is irrelevant to this case.”

CHAOS! And then Macy yells. Oooh, mad Macy.

DUN DUN. Jordan as witness for the defense? DUN DUN.

I LOVE this episode so far. Seely is awesome, and Seely and Woody being friends? Emosewa, man. And I pretty much never use that to describe something that’s not Veronica Mars related (since that’s where the term came from – not the show, but the boards).

Commercial! Wednesday’s Law & Order looks like a rerun of either that CI episode OR those multiple CSI episodes. Sigh.

“In fact, let’s talk about it over by that wet bar you have over that.”

“No tangents, no Cockney slang, no rambling metaphors.” Good luck with that, DA lady!

Matt’s all close to Bug. And he’s concerned about Bug. Aw.

“Still too large to search.”
“Hm. Maybe not. Get some sleep, you look like crap.”

Aw, JD’s a nice guy. Waiting to write it until it breaks in court.

I love that half the cast is sitting in the courtroom. Who’s solving the rest of the crimes in Boston? Oh, right. Seely and Bug. And Lily and Jeffrey, sort of. Heh.

Haha, Seely and that elevator. I bet he’s going to use that even when he doesn’t have things to put in it.

Dude, I JUST saw a Crossing Jordan rerun that’s almost exactly like this.

Haha, he’s flirting with contempt. Heh. Flirting.

“In your profession opinion, does Dr. Macy have a drinking problem?”
“I’m a medical examiner. When he dies, give me his liver, then we’ll talk.” GO JORDAN. I DON’T EVEN CARE THAT YOU’RE SCREWING AROUND WITH WOODY AND JD, I LOVE YOU AGAIN.

My mom’s got some strawberry red vines, and they are AWESOME. Now I just need some Mr. Pibb. Heh. Then it would be CRAZY DELICIOUS.

This reminds me of the LOCI episode, “In the Wee Small Hours”. Only Goren and Eames trust each other more than Jordan and Macy, it seems.

Ew. That was gross. Bug Seely looks so cute in scrubs! And he’s totally acting like he works at the morgue. I love smart Matt. And the look he just gave Macy when Macy pushed him out of the way.

OOH! GO SEELY! Defend Bug. Although I bet the Internet peoples will be mad at him for being glad that Macy may be removed from office.

“It’s like watching paint dry. In your eyeballs.”

Oooh, Nige, you let it slip! Bad Nige.

Charm bracelets. Never got into them. People got me like a billion, and I never wore ‘em.

That looked like Peter from behind, the guy who walked into the morgue. Sigh. Peter. *cries*

HAHA, Nigel, spinning ‘round and ‘round and ‘round again.

“Hey, did I see Woody hanging around?”
“I am NEVER going to meddle in other peoples’ business again.”
“…what brought that on?”


“Hey. You’re an ME, you don’t do interrogation.”
“Woody lets Jordan do it all the time.” Dude. Come on. Bug/Matt all the way!

Seely’s so deep! He knows everything that goes on, man.

“Doesn’t he talk?”

Haha, they’re totally playing him. And the look Bug gave Matt… hee!

Aw, Woody wants to give JD a chance. OR! Wants Jordan to run away from the idea of commitment, more likely. Sigh. If that’s what Woody’s doing, I dislike him again. Even if I understand it.

“Do you want me to play the boy?” Oh, like we don’t know who wears the pants in the relationship anyway?

Is the song saying “Love, love, in a trashcan”? That’s creepy.

JD as the third party. Sigh, Woody.

I like this reenactment. It was totally cool. Jordan, JD, and Woody should all get together. That would solve all fandom’s problems.

JD totally rolled his eyes at Jordan.

“Come on Nigel, my grandmother prepares blood type analysis quicker.”

Haha, Woody hauls in the hotel guy.

Aw, I love Matt and Bug working together.

Bad timing, Jordan. HAHA. I shouldn’t laugh, but I have to.

Aw, darn, I was looking forward to a ‘Jordan as commander’ scenario, but you know he’s going to clean up his act.

Aw, Bug. Aw, poor boy. I woulda closed the door first, though. Aw, Bug. AW. Now, what, Jordan’s going to do the brave thing?

“Not really feeling the open door policy.” Aw, JD.

AW, JD. I’ll hug you, big guy.

But it did. Everyone knows it DID mean something. Poor JD. I still love you JD!


Is that Oz’s warden in the previews for next week?

The Good: Seely, duh. Seely and Bug working. Seely continuing to be the only cop who realizes that MEs don't do interrogations or other, similar things that cops usually do.

The Bad: Jordan/Woody scenes. I mean, neither Jordan nor Woody really annoyed me, but them together grated. But hey, it's kismet, right? I guess I'll get used to it. Because I have to.

Other good news: totally just came across some Bug/Seely shippers over on Coffeeforums (which I've only recently started trolling. And by that, I mean patrolling, not trolling as in trolls).

Now the true debate: my CJ OTP icon, or my smile icon? ARGH!
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  • Writer's Block: Musical Affliction

  • Animation Meme

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