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"No little red light on the radio means radio no working."

Spoilers for the latest NCIS episode.

*shudder* Like, welcome to one of my nightmares. Y’know, if I was the one running around kidnapping people, I’d at least look for a cell phone first. Like, hello, stupid much? Rookie’s mistake! Or – you know what I’d do, if I was evil and cruel? Put a cell phone in there with them, but have it, like, crippled so it can’t send a signal. That would be hilarious. Um, sorry. Back to the show.

Mm, Tony hot on Sunday work days.

Oh, God, Tony, you’re such a loser.

“Mind giving me a hand with this?”
“Yes, I do.”

“Where’s McGee?”
“In trouble.” Heh!

I love exposition!Tony!

“That’s a nice suit. You didn’t get married again, didja?” *snort* TONY!

“Are you waiting for an inviitation, Officer David?”
“Oh, so you ARE getting married?”
“…he means you’re with me.”

Hee, Abby amuses me SO much. And aw, she works at Habitat for Humanity.

“Thank you, sir.”
“Don’t call me sir.”
“Thank you, m’am.”

Haha. I like Tony’s way better. Lock picks end badly sometimes. I also like Tony’s other way – you know, throwing rocks through a window. That’s my way.

“Very OCD.”

HEE! Tony likes to be handcuffed! *g*

Didn’t we totally have this episode already? With the tiny!Gibbs? ‘Member?

“What’s she guarding?”
“Right now? My nightmares.”

HAHA, Windows XP!

“Houdini, how good are you at picking computer locks?”

“Never heard of it.”
“You never actually get used to. You think you will, but you won’t.”

“Cuff yourself to him.”
“I’d rather be shot first.”

“No little red light on the radio means radio no working.” HAHA!

“Hear that?”
“Hear what?”
“Gibbs! I thought your hearing was better than your eyesight. How wrong was I?”

Hm. I’d never thought of suffocating in a car trunk before. And aren’t they supposed to have those handle thing? Or shouldn’t you be able to punch out a light and hope that other drivers report the car as a driving nuisance and it gets pulled over? Do I watch too much TV and read too many books?

Is McGeek there yet? He’s gonna be in trooooooouble!

“Her house looks like Martha Stewart’s jail cell, only neater.”

“Where was you?”

Aw, Tony/McGeek! Hee!

“Can we continue with this, or are you guys gonna make out for a while?” HAHA, Abby is so the online fandom.

“Just out of curiousity, who taught you to drive?”
“I did.”

“On the odd chance I can see something while driving at warp speed, what are we looking for?”

“Hummer, very guy, but with adequecy issues.”

I love Tony’s car wanderings. Miata!

“Gladly. As long as it means I don’t have to listen to your automobile gender issues.”

Haha, Abby doesn’t like smokers!

Aw, McGeek was supposed to go to the Habitat for Humanity thing, too. And didn’t. Aw.

He looks hot with the construction hat. Um.

“You broke into cars?”
“I was a cop in Baltimore.” I love how he says that like it’s a good reason without actually explaning.

“No one likes a showoff!”

And he taps on the window and tells her to open up. Bwah.

Damn, that’s a good quality camera. I want that one.

“Why don’t I think what she said was a good thing?”
“Because you’re a better agent than you are a driver.” AWESOME, Tony!

“The sheer amount of material is daunting. Even for a guy in a turtleneck.”

Oh, man. Bronchitis and trapped in a car trunk. *shudder* Not fun.

The car’s just sitting there? Weird.

We’re only half done? WHOA.

I love that he’s wearing a Ohio State shirt and jacket. That’s just cool. I love little details.

“I can’t read that.”
“…it’s encrypted.”

“I run this chapter of PBJ-”
“Peanut Butter & Jelly! Right?!”

“You haven’t met OUR hacker yet.”
“Is he good?”
“Does a bear sit in the woods?”
“Is this the cracker-jack team on the case?”
“She’s Israeli.”
“Look, I KNOW I got the bear thing right.”
Tony shakes his head.

Haha, Tony looks so cute and childlike when he’s eating. And he totally has a napkin tucked into his shirt.

“Have you been reading a lot of Dr. Suess books?”

“Her screaming was covering up the second thunk and I need to wear ear plugs at concerts!”

“Hit the little right button.” *snort*

I love it when Tony working with math. It’s amusing.

HAHA! They both got slapped!

“I saw that, why’d you give her the soft touch? …thank you, boss.”

I love Tony’s “tactful” pointing out of Gibbs’ bad eyesight. Hee.

“Weekend at Bernie’s part two?”
“Ooh, that’s worse.”

“I hate clowns.” Haha, why’m I not surprised?

God, I wish my mom would SHUT. UP.

“Don’t shoot!”
“It’s not our beer?”

HAHA! ZIVA! That’s awesome.

“You don’t think I know they’re lying? CAUSE I DO!”

“I want the name, Beavis.” BWAH!

“I can tell you’re lying. Wanna know why?”
“Cause you’re old.”
“…you’re a funny guy.”

HAHA! Tony! You make me laugh!

“These guys aren’t even cops! They’re like some sort of secret government agency!” HAHA!

“And that is how you interrogate kids.” HEE!

Those guys totally reminded me of, um, all the guys at my school. Heh.

“How many times have I told you, he’s not a toy.” HAHA!

“Why didn’t you think of that?”
“Me? What about you?”

Haha, Gibbs doesn’t like Caff-Pow!

HAHA! Gibbs totally picked the lock faster than Ziva’d be able to, I bet.

He killed the fish? Jackass.

McGeek’s interrogating the kid. BWAH. That’s awesome. This probably won’t end well.

Ooh, McGeek’s totally pretending he’s not a geek. This is kinda creepy. Like, Twilight Zone, man.

Revenge of the Nerd! HAHA! Sorry.

Haha, Ziva gets the backseat. Sorry. It’s just that Tony used to sit there when Kate wasn’t dead.

“And you have a problem with MY driving?” Well said, Ziva, well said.

HAHA, that rules. Ziva was totally in the trunk.

“Lemme know if I’m hurting you.”
“OW, OW, I’m hurting!”

“So where is he?”
Everyone turns to MTAC.

That was a cool ending. I like that ending. Aw.

Next week: “This kind of reminds me of my cousin’s house. Minus all the blood.”

And now, Scrubs!
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