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Magnetic gun? I WANT ONE!

Spoilers for the latest CSI: New York episode.

God, the ‘humps’ song. I hate/love this song. It’s a little embarrassing to listen to while sitting next to my dad, though. Heh. That’s what I get for watching CSI: NY with him, right? Although I guess it’s fair, since I never would have become a fan if it weren’t for him watching it and me being too lazy to move.

…Is that Michael Muhney as the reporter guy? No, but it looked like it. Whew. I thought I missed something on the intarweb.

I love how everyone’s first reaction is to take pictures. So typical. And nice transition to Danny taking crime scene photos.

I like Danny in this tight-fitting long sleeved outfit. Mm, Danny.

I love the theme song, have I mentioned? Love. It. Definitely my fave of the three. And Carmine Giovinazzo is so very, very pretty.

“I’m an artist, not an inventory clerk!”

This is a little more autopsy-action than we usually get. There a reason for this special ‘treat’? And the supercam green paint down the drain?

Oooh. Lookee at what Hawkes is wearing. Mm. Screw Danny (yes, Don, I know you’d like to), Hawkes is where it’s at.

Aaah, the chaos of the squad room. And it’s where Flack works! Yay for Flack! Mm, his hair is slicked sideways. He’s very hot, too. All the guys are hot here. Why’d the crazy guy ask for Flack in particular?

AAAAH, LEECHES! AAAAAH! Reason number 2908735027352 why I would NOT make a good forensic scientist. I am totally squeamish.

“Everyone’s wearing green this season.” They share looks over the badness of that joke.

I love Flack’s hair like that. So cute. I love him.

HAHA! “I looked her right in the eyes and shot her.” “No you didn’t, she was shot in the back.”

What’s going on? Is that dude trying for ‘suicide by state’? (You know, like ‘suicide by cop’, only slower and more expensive?)


NY’s ME looks kind of like a taller, skinnier Ducky. It’s a little weird to watch.

Magnet bullets? Interesting.

Whoa. Magnetic gun. I WANT ONE!

Hello folks? The blood disease is hereditary? Ya wanna look at the rest of the family, please? And not be all jumping to conclusions like a freaking leapfrog?

“Looks like a job for Adam.” Adam? Who the fuck is Adam? I hope not Pierson.

Smoking XTC? Okie dokie then.

Crushed X! That’s my bet.

And I guess Adam is this mountain man/Lone Gunmen wannabe? I want Chad back.

Come on, I want somebody to be all “Why would a man confess to a crime he didn’t commit?”, so I can use Cliff’s crazy line yet again. I love that line like a brother.

Grrrreat. Miss Montana’s wandering off by herself. That ALWAYS ends well. *coughHollyGribbscoughcough*

*shudder* LEECHES.

I like how Montana’s holding onto the ends of her blue scarf.

Aha, that’s the reason for the supercam shot of the green pain down the drain. Shoulda known it would’ve been probative to the case.

“Are you good with a wrench?”
Unscrews the pipe. “Am I good with a wrench.” Scoffs.

Inhaled green body paint? Ew.

I love how Mac’s got his lab coat all buttoned up, and Danny so doesn’t.

From the paint and for the paint? That works.

Yay for Hawkes and Danny working together! Now we just need Flack over there, then I can fully concentrate on only half the show. Heh. Which is why they’ll never do that.

Haha, it was the secretary lady. Probably. Maybe. Or she was in on the leech thing. Or I’m just confused.

Um, if she’s magnetized, is using the computer… smart?

“I am a scientist without a badge, Danny, trust me.” Ooh, burn! Hee.

I like the Lone Gunmen wannabe. He’s kind of cute after a while, and I love the chewing-on-pen thing.

God, Mom, go upstairs already. Quit talking all loudly in the phone in the same room I’m trying to watch my show in. Why does my mom just NOT GET that I like to watch my shows without concentrating on tuning out her stupid babble and bodily functions? Jeez-us.

Oh, the secretary is a nurse. Okay then. That’s what I meant.

I hate it when they do this “we know what’s the what, but you get to hang around for a while wondering because we’re cool like that” shit. ARGH.

I’m thinking that they’re both felony murder cases, since they’re drug-related.

I love the repeated “No you didn’t, Paul.”

I feel sorry for Paul. He’s cute, and such a nice guy. Also a good dresser. What? I’m noticing clothes a lot this episode.

Random: Am I the only person who didn’t know there was a character on One Tree Hill named Chris Keller? And what genius thought that was a good idea? I’m so glad it was on at the same time as Veronica Mars last season and I never watched it, I would have laughed my ass off, and that would have been messy.

Also, Colorado's got a new state-of-the-art computer crime lab. It appears to exist in my old middle school. Seriously, at least move away from the taupe paint, folks! It's only the tenth computer crime lab in the country. That's cool.

Now, bed. And resisting watching more Oz episodes.
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