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HAIRCUT! HAAAAAIRCUT! And CSI episode reaction.

I totally look like a dumbass in that picture. Bwah. But guess what folks? Now I don't have to worry about ANYTHING to do with my hair! It's free! HOORAH! Low-maintenence and shorter showers, here I come! (Further note: this is the least amount of hair I've ever had. Even in fifth grade, with the bowl cut, or sixth/seventh with my shaved back of head, I had more hair.)

Spoilers for latest CSI episode.

I love this song. “I like the way you move!”

Grissom has experience with threesomes? Ew. Don’t need to think about that.

I think a few of the credit-flashes are new. Don’t ask why I know that.

Yay for Wallace Langham’s name as a special guest star! I love me some Hodges, daym.

Archie too? AND BOBBY? I love this episode already, folks.

Colorado? Why does everyone on crime shows want to go to Colorado? THERE’S NOTHING HERE, FOLKS! Jeez.

Killed with her own car? That sucks, dude. Funny, but sucks. Hee.

Yay Greggo!

The blonde chick looks scarily like Catherine. Like, wow. IS that Catherine? This distracts me a little.

I feel a montage coming on.

Haha, soda can as bullet catcher! Sweet.

“Who brings a gun to a knife fight?”
“The winner?” That was SO my reaction.

HAH! “So just find the bull with the bloody horn, and you’ve got your killer.” I love it when people zing Grissom’s zingers.

“But I will. That’s the beauty of me.” That it is, Hodges me boy.

DUN DUN! It’s the Gordon family, nah nah nah nah *snap snap*, nah nah nah nah *snap snap*. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Greggo looks gooood.

Cole looks creepy. That’s what meth does to you, do you see?

Mm, Greggo.

“Still on probation for the ‘she looked eighteen’ incident.” Okay, it’s bad, but: heh.

Oh, ew. That is possibly the grossest of the gross I’ve seen recently.

Yay Bobby! Yay Bobby and Greg scene!

Psh, I want Jacqui back. That’s not Jacqui. At least, I don’t think so.

Heh heh heh. “Tool”. Sorry, I just turned twelve.

Nick has some PTSD issues, I believe. He also needs to stop with the getting-ahead-of-himself.

“As much as I love your generalizations, this time you’re wrong.” Aw, Hodges, you softie.

Hodges better not be flirting with new DNA girl.

Telluride! Love the name of that place.

Chelsea is Bianca’s mother? Well, this has moved into Rumor Has It territory.

“Look, I know what it’s like to want to kill your daughter’s boyfriend.” HAH, Brass!

Nick, you best not be getting on anyone else’s case for “leaping”.

THAT’S how he finds out about the accomplice? Man, not cool.

“Grissom told you.”
“No, but he obviously told you.”

Wait, wasn’t she… I don’t know, IN JAIL when the recording was made? Hm? Nicky? Wanna start thinking sometime soon?

Sylvia Mullins is the accomplice? Aha. Now both of his kidnappers is ded.

“So… now it’s over.”
“Yeah, good.”

Greggo is totally drinking Blue Hawaiian. *nods sagely*

“Always the utility guy!” Or the butler.

And I’m just hoping that THIS utility guy doesn’t wind up stalking Warrick, Sara, or Greg. Hey, Greg, remember: don’t go out with Warrick only to confront the guy. Warrick will get distracted, and you will go through a window.

Thermite? Aluminum + rust + heat = burns through anything! Sweet. Must remember this for future use. I mean, not for future use. For nothing. Ahem.

“If it walks like a stalker, talks like a stalker…” It throws Nick through a window? Oh, sorry. Wrong episode.

So we’re going for manslaughter, right? (Guessing the charges is my new favorite game!) Or murder for hire? That didn’t look like it was murder.

Nick’s so gay. Come on.

“We caught a break.”
“The security guard confessed?”

Aw, Kelly Gordon did the killing. Aw. Trying to make up for her father’s mistakes? Or not.

Oh, damn. She ded. And I’m actually sad. This is weird. I don’t like CSI making me sad. STUPID CSI!

NEXT WEEK: Another showgirl murder? And Greg plays with hats again. What is it with Greg and hats?

And now, I'm going to bed, so that I'll actually be AWAKE in Andrew's class.
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