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In Justice and other random things.

7.15PM. Twelve hours from now and I will be getting ready to leave for police explorers academy.

7.52PM. I'm rewatching "Uncivilized", and Cassidy totally just asked what was going to happen to a dead guy's stamp collection. That amuses me SO much. And he just claimed that the Boy Scouts kicked him out for having no sense of direction.

I love the PDA-messaging between Conti, his ex-wife, and her fiancé. That was brilliant.

OMG, Swain’s handwriting is JUST like Tom’s. Also which no one can read. Heh. It looks Arabic.

Aw, she’s insecure. How cute!

I LOVE Victoria! She rules!

“You’re fishing, it’s not a he.”
“Yes, it is.” Ooh, he actually knows! DUN DUN.

Haha, Conti’s scaling the wall! But Conti, most people aren’t rugby players with all the mad skillz and strength that comes with!

“Haha, an industrial strength magnet. More wit than I expected from him.”
“I think he has writers.”

The kid’s smart, getting all the necessary information needed. If he doesn’t get out, he could be Ryan O’Reily’s disciple. Or Mikey-boy Scofield’s.

HAHA, Bubba’s lying again. He likes lying.

He’s going to grab the picture isn’t he? Yup. He should meet Colby from Numb3rs.

“Ashley was on my team, but she wasn’t… on my team. I had a boyfriend.” BWAH! That was awesome.

“So what’s up with Brianna and Conti?”
“Brianna and Conti?”
“What’s up with them?”
“The two of them?”
“…forget I asked.”

I like that they brought up CSI in the interrogation. “You’ve seen CSI, right?”

“So, Mr. Conti…”
“I’ve heard enough, you can sit.”

“One more word and I’ll hold you in contempt!”
“Then I’ll choose that word very carefully: TRAVESTY.”
“That’s it, you’re in contempt!”
“Fine, because I find these proceedings CONTEMPTIBLE!”

HAHA! Swain’s working from inside the jail cell!

“Now- excuse me Billy, didn’t mean to wake you.”

“I thought he was gay?”
“Gay people can’t kill?”

HAHA! I love the guy leering over Swain’s shoulder.

“Wait, wait.”
“Shh shh, he’s got that look on his face.”


And Bubba’s lying to people on the phone again. He’s such an awesome liar.

Aw, Conti’s helping out Kevin. Aw. That entire scene was sweet. The music, though, was a little much. And I love that Conti cries more than any other man on TV right now, I swear to God.

Conti, careful. Let’s not get another person to confess to a crime he didn’t commit.

Haha, Bubba looks like he’s Conti’s son. And is acting like it. Bwah.

OOOH, Conti looks so very very hot right now. His eyes are nice and bright green. Oooh. Pretty.

“Oh, no, you NEVER take the DA’s first offer!” Haha, Swain teaching all the cons.

“I don’t know, I’m kind of enjoying this.”
“Me too.” Walks off.

I’m glad they resisted the urge to have Kevin comfort Conti about the guy who committed suicide.

“What’s the difference?” Long pause. “You don’t have an answer.” I like that he doesn’t have an answer. That makes everything less preachy.

Now it's 9.00PM, and I should go to bed. I get up in... (Three plus six-thirty equals... nine and a half hours!) Instead I'll be watching Numb3rs and trying to put SOMETHING together for lunch for tomorrow.
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