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WIP meme, SVU hilarity, and pimping.

Post a line from all your works-in-progress.

CJ high school fic. POV is Seely's, Macy is the chemistry teacher.
(There were rumors that the last thing anyone had ever seen Peter Winslow do before he disappeared was mouth off to Macy – probably not true, or if true, unrelated to his disappearance, but why risk it?)

Veronica Mars/Angel crossover, with Kendall and Cordelia as sisters.
"You have an evil older sister?"
"Not evil. Just a whore."

NCIS/Buffy crossover.
Tony wasn’t stupid enough to underestimate women, especially after... oh, pick a time when he’d been knocked unconscious by one.

21 Jump Street/Stargate: SG-1 crossover (oh hell yes, you read right).
The day the McQuaid brothers started at Colorado Springs High School, it snowed.

CJ fic. The homicide department's POV on Slocum as morgue boss.
Every time they go to the morgue, even just to pop in and check on the tox results or find out if the cause of death warrants a homicide investigation, they have to fill out half a page worth of information at the front desk – arguably for "security" purposes, but mostly because Slocum had a hard-on for paperwork – and get special tags declaring them fit to be in the morgue.

NCIS/Hitchcock Sewell books, started about halfway through the second season. Hence the humor of the line in retrospect.
The call had come in about an hour earlier and had been handed off almost immediately to Gibbs’ team. Whether it was because of their high solve rate and lack of serious casualties – at least, in the last two years – or because they were the only team not on a case or still finishing up paperwork, you be the judge.

Supernatural/Buffy fic.
In the nine months they’d traveled together after that, Dean had never gotten the truth of why, exactly, Andrew thought setting two preteen girls go up against vampires was a good idea.

Buffy/CSI fic.
"Barbeque forks?" Greg asked blankly, glancing up from the paperwork he was attempting to fill out. "And... gangs on PCP?" he added in a tone designed to turn skepticism into an art form.

"Russian Love Poem" is on, and I. LOVE. Cassidy's "I swear I know this guy. Like, we went to school together, or were good friends, or something." And Cassidy totally knows him from commercials. Cassidy's totally like me when it comes to television-viewing. And he totally just used his tie to clean his sunglasses. Oh, I LOVE Cassidy.

And, of course, the "Excuse me. Are you mocking him?" line. I LOVE that line. Love it like a child.

And, finally:
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