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Ned's Declassified and NBC's new schedule.

OMG, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is on right now, and in one plot, Moz thinks her new friends (named April, May, and Julie) are robots, and in another Cookie and the school bully are about to jump a shark.

Yes, jump a shark. Heh.

...DAMN YOU NBC! You put Law & Order up against Veronica Mars, and Conviction (which I wanted to watch, damn it) up against Numb3rs? WTF is wrong with you? Oh, oh, and let us NOT forget that you just scheduled Teachers - you know, that Justin Bartha comedy I totally wanted to watch and love? - against CSI. CS-freaking-I.

That's it. I need to get freaking TiVo. Or at least a VCR that works.
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