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"I'd bet my accent on it."

Spoilers for the latest Crossing Jordan.

BWAHA, I love dream sequences. And why CAN’T they have a threesome? They’re all pretty.

Haha, Abby has a boyfriend. Who looks like a total loser. TOTAL. LOSER.

“I didn’t need to, he figured it out.”
“…oh. And?”

Oooh, harsh. HAHA! JD just punched Woody! I would totally do that too. Sure, his “Stay away from my girlfriend” probably wasn’t the best move. But still. I get the feeling, man. And I’ve never even dated. Heh.

Poor JD, though. You just know the intarwebs is going to ream him for what he just did. They’re gonna be all “EVOL JD, PUNCHING WOODY, HOW DARE HE!!!! And how dare he say that he owns Jordan? EVOL! I hope he dies!” Especially over on Coffeeforums. Gawd, these people.

I keep finding myself wondering what clips they’d choose for Seely if David Monahan became a cast regular. They’d totally have to put the elevator scene in. I mean, I’d hit them if they didn’t.

“Bribery and assault, that’d win you Parent of the Year.”

What, no Seely this episode? God damn it.

Uh oh, Nigel’s got that “It’s the long lost kidnapped boy” look on his face again. Well, maybe not ‘again’, but you know what I mean, right?

I love the fish tank o’ blood.

Gawd, Woody you’re almost as loose-lipped as Nigel. NOW he decides to shut up? Oh, Woody. Woody Woody Woody.

That IS Glynn! It IS!

God. “Have you ever been in love, detective?” with Jordan standing just outside. Argh.

“Oh great, here comes Mike Tyson.”

“Should I take that personally?”

Haha, JD was totally just trying to rub knowledge he had that Woody didn’t in Woody’s face.

“Yeah, about that… I kinda… dropped out.” Haha, nice bombshell-dropping.

Macy wanted to be a novelist? Since when? What?

“Pollack, use your key!”
Opens door, Woody standing outside.
“Wrong guy.”

“The word ‘anonymous’ usually means someone doesn’t want to be known.”

I love where Pollack lives. It reminds me of my cousins’ old place in DC, when they used to live next to a park and ravine?

“We’re both after the same thing here.”
“Are we now?”
“Yeah, the truth!”
“Yeah, well, not everyone can handle it.”

“I’d bet my accent on it.”

“Does sound a bit harsh…”

John Douglas Pollack? Alright then. I love useful info. Now I feel like writing a JD-fic.

“Which brings us back to your pain-in-the-ass Aussie.”

“Alright, and this has NOTHING to do with him punching you in the gut?”
“I plead the fifth.”
“Woody, be nice.”
“Aren’t I always?”
“Is that a rhetorical question?”

Haha, Glynn’s running his own investigation, huh? I wonder if it will be anything like the riot investigation. That was cool. I hope they interrogate Ryan O’Reily.

Aw, teddy bear Macy.

“Like I told the judge, I’m a man of my word.” OOOH, BURN!

I guess it’s not winter anymore. The elevator isn’t sticking.

Haha, everyone starts whistling at Jordan.

“Well, I guess you need to have ethics to understand them.”

“I’m bloody pissed at you for screwing us up.” Amen, JD. Exactly what I said.

“Everything happens for a reason, Cavanaugh. Wanna know why I think this did? So I could see the real you, before I did something really stupid.” Aw. Aw. JD. Aw.

You know, technically, the body armor couldn’t have killed him. It could have just not killed him. If that makes any sense.

Lemme guess. The kidnapper’s son died of that disease thing, and he stole Henry and dumped his son’s body, right?

HAHA, Bug took Jeffrey’s glasses and put them on the skeleton? HAH. I love Bug.

Aw, Bug’s taking a page from Seely’s playbook. Now they’re both over Lily, so they can move on to each other.

Now that Bug’s told her, his feelings went away. That’s awesome. HAHA.

He’s acting like loving Lily was a disease. That amuses the hell out of me. SO AWESOME.

And Lily’s all upset about it. You can tell. She likes having tons of guys in love with her. Biotch.

“Hey you guys!” Pointing the gun at Jordan and Woody. Bwah, Bug.

Bug’s so much happier now that he’s over Lily. And I think he got a haircut.

Hydrolysis! I remember that word. ‘Lys’ like ‘slice’!

Sweat was the undoing? Okie dokey then.

She’s twenty-one? Alright. That’s odd, but alright.

“So what if I am?”
“Wrong answer.”

“This is totally gross, but I think I know where he got it.”

Come on, people. I get leaps in logic, but come. on. Like there’s no where else in the history of existence to get butterscotch candies, right? Stupid. I don’t even care that the leap was right.

Glynn’s a killer? DUN DUN.

Haha, ‘Dubya’.

“Christopher joined the army because he wanted to make a difference. Hopefully, this will.”


But it’s nice that she called him Leo. Too often you see the parents of long-lost sons call them whatever his name was, instead of what he was raised with.

They robbed him! DUN DUN!

JD in DC? Someone, please, write NCIS crossover fic!

Aw, JD, no! Not weeks or months, please. I love you JD, don’t go. PLEASE!

“I guess I need to figure out what I want.”
“I think you already know.”
“And what’s pathetic is, this time? I tried. I really tried.”
“It’s not the first time I’ve had my heart broken. Probably won’t be the last. See you around, kiddo.”

And that’s it for JD. Alas, JD, I knew thee… not as much as I’d like to. Sigh.

NEXT WEEK: Macy gets the crap beat out of him, and I find myself trying not to cheer. And he used to be my favorite character, too. Damn writers.

Now I watch a little SVU, until I realize that it's the episode All!About!Olivia!And!Her!Horrid!Backstory! Then I watch Grim Adventures.

"This form is longer than the last book I read."
"I'm a desk jockey, what d'ya want?"

I love Cassidy, btw. And it suddenly occurs to me that I should have a CJ icon that's NOT of Matt, for those episodes that are not Seelysodes.
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