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"That's our boss!"

Spoilers for the latest NCIS episode.

Sensitivity training! HAHA!

Tony! He likes Irish women too, hah.

“Maybe I could injure myself…” Ziva grabs his hand and twists it back.
“What? I was only trying to help.”
“And I was just kidding!”

“Yes! …inappropriate?”
“A little.” But EXACTLY what Tony did in… season one, I wish to say. With the sexual harrasment seminar. Hah. I think, sometimes, that Gibbs purposefully saves up favors to get every case that occurs during a seminar like this.

“This place looks just like my cousin’s place, except for all the blood. Unless you count that Thanksgiving back in ’98…” And Palmer gives him a look. Someone’s gotta write a Thanksgiving 1998 fic, they do!

Gawd, Palmer, you didn’t just say the nose-picking line, did you?

“A touch of poet in you, Palmer.”
“I’d say more just ‘touched’.”

“Sign of an unhappy marriage.”
“Funny, I was going to say a hole in the wall.”

I love how Gibbs just needs to look at Tony and Tony gets it like THAT.

McGee with baby! Aw! So cute! And Gibbs is almost even CUTER with a baby. They should make a baby as a cast member. Too bad Gibbs’ daughter is totally dead and stuff.

Where’s Tony? Wasn’t he supposed to be with McGee? I’M LOST!

“Thinking maybe the husband did this, yes?”

“Stealing tools isn’t exactly a prerequisite for murder.”

I love the continuity-coughing from Tony when it comes to cigarettes.

Aw, Tony’s worried about McGeek! That’s so sweet. Haha.

I love that they all scrambled for their notebooks to find out what he drives. They’re so much like siblings, it hurts.

“Think he’s dead, boss!” Guy sits up.

“Come on, it’s not DUI if I don’t have the key ignition!” BWAH!

“I knew he was alive.” Oh, sure, Tony! Ziva’s look said that, too.

Ducky, quit messing with poor Palmer.

Why are wounds on hands ALWAYS defensive, never offensive?

Gibbs! Don’t be so mean! “You missed a spot.” Riiight.

I love it when Abby does both sides of the conversation! She’s totally

“This, is for you!”
“For getting me out of sensitivity training!”

“The only time I want you to stop?”
“I know, sir. When you tell me to.”
“When you’re satisfied. When YOU’RE satisfied.”
“Got it boss.”
“HEY! Get me another coffee!”

“Flies… don’t like… vinegar.”
“What does that have to do with bees?”
“It’s… complicated.”

Haha, I love that Ziva’s first reaction is not to bet.

I love the abusive wife idea. Because it DOES happen sometimes, and it’s nice to see it sometimes on TV.

Why does this guy look kind of like David Monahan?

Tony, quit backtracking. “I really like that shirt.” HAHA!

“Habit of a well-trained marine.”
“He worked the motor pool!”

“We’re just going to make sure she’s still breathing.”

DUN DUN! Le kidnapping! Or at least, looks like le kidnapping!

Whoa, wait, CSI: NY commercial: does Danny discover the body? SWEET!

Did the child just de-age a few years, or am imagining things?

Aw, Tony spoke softer when the baby cried. That’s sweet.

Hoorah for dependent military IDs!

Tony, Tony, Tony. Too many movies for you!

“This isn’t one of your action movies.”
“No, it isn’t, if it were you’d be dressed differently.”
“And you’d be much better looking.” McGee laughs, Tony glowers at him.
“And you’d be dead by the opening credits.”
“Did you ever stop to think that maybe I am the plucky comic relief?”

And Tony comes to McGee’s save!

“Oh, is that all?” Gibbs kicks the desk. “On it, boss!”

“For instance, me and these three women? Have nothing in common.”

“One word, Yanni!”

“Oh, I love those!” The look on his face was totally hot right then. Okay, I’m over it. Mm. Okay, now, I swear. (Mm.)

“Tell me I didn’t just smack McGee for no good reason?”

“That’s good work, Abs!” Gets hit. HAHA!

“Aw, man, this sucks!”
“I’m not enjoying it either, Tony.”
“No, Nick and Jessica broke up. I’m always the last to know.”
“Hey DiNozzo, shut up.”
“Shutting up, boss.”

“It’s Yun Dawson, boss, she’s rabbitting.” I love slang.

“Yeah, McGee, she’s hiding in my coffee cup.”

“McGee. You know, the FBI does not exist just to piss me off, sometimes they’re actually useful.”

“It’s like my father always said – be careful who you marry, Anthony, she may turn out to be a homicidal maniac.”
“He actually said that?”
“No, but he sure thought it.”
“Maybe he knew your taste in women?”

Tony’s jealous of Ziva being better with the profiling thing. He’s so very, very insecure.

And Ziva totally seems like she’s talking about herself. Haha.

“…And I’ve relocated.”

Jeez, why is Ziva becoming the new Kate? The weight-picking-on and all. Sigh.

“You gonna hit me if I tell you the truth?”
“Naw, we’re buds!”

And Tony totally hits him and then darts away.

This is so like, taken out of one of Tony’s movies. But it still works. I find myself caring. Aw.

“Either it’s a coincidence, or she REALLY wants to kill this guy.”
“I don’t believe in coincidence.” Both at the same time? Either a movie quote, or a Gibbs quote.

Don’t tell me nice store owner guy is evil? That’s not right, if he is. He was nice, and a store owner!

“Scream, and I kill you.” Shoots him in the leg. Dude, I’d totally do that. If I were evil.

“Found out why the FBI isn’t responding, boss.” BWAHA!


Uh, that would be a no.

“Wow, that’s a really… big bomb.” I love it when Tony talks like me.

“Gibbs!” Haha, Ziva thinks she’s on level ground with Gibbs.

“I don’t care how hard you whack me, boss, I’m not going anywhere.”
“Nor me.”
“We survive this, you’re both fired.”

“It’s supposed to do that, right?” And Ziva glowers at him.

I love how Tony squeezed his eyes together preparing to be blown up.

Aw, Tony. He’s totally trying to set the guy at ease, instead of Ziva’s making him all worried.

AW. AW. They’re so sweet. I actually have tears in my eyes. And McGee and Tony do to, it looks like. Aw.

“I was GOING to say that if either of you wing-nuts ever disobeys a direct order again, I will shoot you myself.” Ziva looks totally worried, Tony smiles.
“That’s our boss.” HAHA! That it is, Tony, that it is.

NEXT WEEK: rerun, since there’s a Numb3rs promo on instead. Damn it. Not that I don’t love #s to bits and pieces, but it would be nice to have a new NCIS episode next week.
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