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"We gotta go see a movie, or get in a bar fight or something."

Spoilers for the latest Veronica Mars episode.

Previously, Meg was ded. Her parents were abusive. De end.

“Hi, ho.” BWAHA. I love it.

Mopey and Sleazy. Haha.

“A baby? How’d that happen?”

VM is such a pretty show. I love the colors on it.

“Time to fake the donut.”

“Uh-oh, did you catch him waxing his board?”

“You always come.” BWAHA!

I like those pants. I WANT those pants. Cool pants. Um, what?


I love the touch of removing the pictures. Perfection.

I wonder when she’ll cut her hair again. She looks weird with a ponytail.

Hector and Bootsy. God.

Dawson’s Creek! HAHA!

And Wallace yes, it IS pathetic.

“Leave me alone, I’m wallowing.”

“We gotta go see a movie, or get in a bar fight or something.”

“And if and buts were candies and nuts, we’d all have a merry Christmas.”
“What does that mean?”
”No idea.”

Interesting trivia: Cassidy and Jackie are the only two credit-characters not to show up in the pre-credit scene of “Donut Run”. Lamb was also in it. Obv. Lamb should be credit-character instead of Jackie. Or maybe he can replace the Donut.

HAHA! Are these supposed to be Veronica look-alikes? She’s like, a foot shorter than most of them.

WHOO, CLIFFIE! He looks really cute.

“That’s a lot of thinking for Lamb, he may tire himself out.”

“Hey, Veronica, what’s the haps.”
“Oh, you know, I didn’t figure there would air conditioning, but otherwise this is exactly what I imagined hell would be like.”

“It’s kind of weird, huh? Hoping Lamb is competent?”

I love Vinnie Van Lowe. I. LOVE. Him. Ken Marino, marry me!

Aw, Lamb actually seems like a fairly nice guy right now.

Oh, God. I can’t believe Dick and Logan playing video games. I mean, I believe it, but it’s still so… Amusing!

“It’s not that favor Bobby Brown does for Whitney Houston, is it?”

Dick on the PCHers: “Yeah, no sweat, I’m like ‘this’ with those guys.”

“You’re not real complicated, are you, Dick?”
“Try not to be.”


“Heeey, Vinnie, dropped your pen in my bag.” Haha!

And he caught the pen! I love him.

So far, I love this episode like a child. A child not kidnapped by the Donut. (Or, for that matter, like a child not locked in a hidden room within a closet.) And I’m back to wanting some Cliff/Vinnie slash. COME ON, FOLKS! I know we’ve got enough weirdoes in the VM fandom to get some lawyer/private dick stories going.

And someone HAS to write about the Logan/Weevil/Dick team up – even if Dick totally doesn’t know that he’s teaming up. I also find it interesting that he doesn’t even ask Logan WHY he wants Dick to try and get XTC from PCHers.


“And went on to suggest that I perfom sexual intercourse upon my own person.”
“Doesn’t he understand, if you could do that you’d never come to school.”
“True, man.”

Aw, it’s like a secret love note to Weevil! So much better than a spy pen.

Haha, Border Patrol!

Haha, he cleaned up his desk to impress the fibbies. HEE!

HAH! She totally slapped him down.

I feel sorry for Lamb. I hate being talked down to like that.

“You’re Veronica Mars, aren’t you?” She’s so freaking famous.

“Well, I didn’t think you were a cage dancer.” What is it with Balboa County deputies and hitting on V?

HEE! Lamb is loving springing Veronica on the fibbies. You KNOW he does.

Another Nick & Jessica joke? What IS it with my shows this week?

“Veronica, why don’t you wait outside in the hall?”
“Why don’t you?”

College, Southwest Texas, went for a year before blowing his knee out. Awes. I love backstory.

It’s totally Thumper who’s the Fitzpatrick guy.

Who’s the 09er? I MUST KNOW!

Lamb totally grinned at the ‘Meg Kane’ backwards thing.

Lamb actually looks worried.

“Mornin’, Sam.”
“Mornin’, Ralph.”

He sounds a bit like Ray Romano.

No. WAY. Sean?

“Did you get the impression something has changed?”

Sean looks a little hot. But he’s a drug dealer now. Sigh. Him and Troy, man.

Is Weevil using the bathroom as a meeting place just like V?

Logan’s hiding in the stall!

“Yeah, they were like, seventh year seniors?”

“Reaper Gus”?

“Know why he was called the Reaper?”
“Lost a bet?”

Felix had a brother? And now they’re both dead? DUN DUN.

Aw, Wallace has a little brother complex when it comes to V. That’s so cute.


Aw, poor Lamb. He hates being left out. I need to write fic where he was constantly left out of things as a kid.

Haha. I love elaborate scams (hence my crazy, crazy love of all Ocean’s RandomNumber movies).

DUDE! Trailer for Pulse! Am so not going to go see this movie, even though I’d go gay for K-Bell.

The baby looks dead. I think it has Duncan’s brain problems.

Aw, aw, aw. And aw. V/Duncan is kind of sweet.

Lamb is staring out the window. Hee.

“I told them, didn’t I? Everything out of that girl’s mouth is a lie.”

There’s a hole in wall? HAH. That’s smart (not).

Ruh roh.

Oddly enough, in the book I’m reading, the characters’ cover is that of two guys who hit and killed a homeless lady.

Haha, Lamb’s own searches have him held up in traffic.

I love the music. The music rules right now.

American Also Spoken sign. That amuses me SO much.

Keith. Poor baby. You need to get back with Alicia, so you have a better support system. Maybe Cliff can help you.

I sure hope that Keith got rid of the Pampers.

He IS cool. And so is V.

ANOTHER tattoo? Gawd, Weevil, enough is enough! Just say NO!

Molly Fitzpatrick and Felix? I guess the speccers were right.

Who’s that guy? He’s really familiar.

Haha, the Advetures of El Lamb! He needs a spin-off. And to not drive so fast.

OMG. Lamb smuggled them over the border! OMG! I love it! PERFECTION INDEED!

Duncan looks bizarre in his costume.

And is picked up by… Vinnie! And… Astrid?

“Grass, ass, or gas, nobody rides for free!” I love Vinnie.

Aw, it IS Astrid. That’s so sweet. And Vinnie looks muy caliente.

Good song. Fits the ending perfectly.

Next week, on Veronica Mars: “I am going STRAIGHT to hell.” And we’re all going with ya, V!

Spoilers for the latest CSI: NY episode.

YAY DANNY! I love that he looks out windows like that. And haha, that girl totally wants him (smart girl).


He ded, foo’.

HAHA. Mac’s all dressed up.

Danny took an eighteen hour shift and is still working? Eeek.

Ew. That’s kinda gross.

Subway surfing? That’s not very smart.

“I was at the opera.”
“I am hanging out with ALL the wrong people, you know that?”

Ew. I was EATING, y’know. Broc’n’chez, to be exact.

EW! Shark tooth through the hand. Ick.

Lemme guess, he swallowed live fish? I’ve known people to do that.

Adam again. I know I like Adam, but I want CHAD back, damn you all.

Ew. But Flack looks cute. “Or grain, how do you bet on GRAIN?”

Is an apparent suicide REALLY a case to investigate? Especially a homicide detective to investigate?

“You don’t think I’d kiss a corpse, right?”
“Oh, no.”

“Evidence knows no bounds.”

Ooh, the underbroker is cute. Really cute.

Damn it. Hawkes says ‘vase’ in that pretentious (yet probably correct) way that kind of annoys me.

Wake me up when they give me a Danny montage instead of Mac, mkay?

“Where you from, Jersey?” Haha, half a country off.

“So I’m always available, if you know what I mean.” Was he just hitting on Danny? Am I delusional? Both answers are a yes!

*shudder* I don’t envy Danny his position on top of the car, even if it isn’t moving. *shudder again*

“We may have found our primary crime scene.”
“Great, now all we need to do is find our secondary surfer.”

I think CSINY is ruining subways for me. Stupid CBS.

Did she really need to clear her throat at Danny, he wasn’t staring or ANYTHING. Gah, I hate Montana.

Haha, Danny totally took him down.

“Nice collar, Munroe.” Hah, puns! Danny is le pun-master.

Now, I think I’m going to not do so much transcribing. This episode is So not drawing me in. Le sigh.

“This is how we feed the Earth!” And he totally throws some at Flack. “Eat, damn you!”

“Out of the limo now, I says.”

Flack got a haircut. It looks good.

“What’s that bulge in your pocket? And don’t get cute.” (Flack doesn’t like to flirt with guys other than Danny.)

God, shut up, Montana. No one speaks like that, not even super smart science geeks.

Adam has really, really blue eyes.

I love it when Hawkes shows that he’s a brilliant child. And the glasses – mm. I heart glasses on guys.

The steam killed him? Okay then.


Danny’s got to be gay. No straight guy wears that many tight sweaters.

My sound just cut off for a second. That was weird. Like Mac has the power to not only silence crowds, but also background music. Mac is magical!

“…and I’d be honored to make you a killing.” BWAH.

I shoulda known that the cutey would be the killer. The hot ones are always gay, taken, and killers. (He looks like David Duchovny in the flashback – or Rob Lowe. Or both. Also a touch of Jensen Ackles there.)

See, THIS is why I don’t really want to go GWU. Everyone is far, far too motivated and intense. THIS is where THAT leads us.

That shark looks totally fake.

Gawd. Good thing I’m not lactose-intolerant

“I’m gonna go straight home, I’m not going to find any bodies.” What’s with the ‘you too’? I now see where Danny/Mac slash comes from.

That girl is pretty. I hope she and Danny work out – since, despite my delusions, Danny/Flack will never. happen. Alas.

Next week, on CSI: New York: Ew. Death by gluing. Just jumped into my top ten worst ways list.

In other news, my Amazon.co.uk package was delivered about a week early. What does this mean? Oh, nothing. Except that now I'VE GOT THE NEXT TWO CHERUB BOOKS, RAWK ON YO! By the end of Friday, I guarentee I will have read all CHERUB material ever made - this includes the extras on the website. Then I can start actually participating on the forums - a thing which I have mostly avoided, thanks to the wonder of le spoiler.

Oh, and something I forgot to mention: a few days back, my mom went out and bought me something to chew on (instead of my shirt, fingernails, and the remotes) - one of those rubber rings that are actually dog chew toys. Yes. My mother bought me a dog chew toy.

The worst part is? I freaking love it. I wonder how many weird looks I'd get if I brought it to school...
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