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I support the following statements.

1: Hoodwinked is the most awesomest animated movie of all time. Srsly. Go see now.

2: Because Ken Marino does the voice of the raccoon in Hoodwinked, we are obv. meant to be.

3: Ken Marino has joined Dean Winters, Michael Muhney, and David Monahan on my 'Favorite Actors EVAR' list. (Fifth place, of course, belongs to Dylan Bruno for as long as he wants it.)

4: Four Kings is the. slashiest. show. EVER. At least, currently on TV. Especially since Wanted got cancelled.

5: TNT is on my temporary shit list for cancelling Wanted (temp. means that I'll still watch it, but I'll sneer every time the network logo appears. I fear that nothing short of completely dropping Law & Order reruns will put TNT on the permanent shit list).

SPOILERS for the latest CSI.

I love the black’n’white opening. You can already tell it’s going to be a cool episode. Now folks, don’t make me take that ba- damn it. Freaking Braun again. Gr. Another ‘Marg Wants an Emmy Episode’ I doth forsee.

Greggo’s got a mullet thing going on. Heh. It looks cute, though. Actually, are he and Nick sharing the same hairstylist?

If the vault’s not been cleared, is it smart for the one cop in the room to LEAVE? Gah.

Greg constantly has his eyes on Grissom. It’s a little bit on the creepy side.

Uh-oh, the undersheriff’s in this one.

I love Greg’s all “…” over her saying it’s a mob hit.

And then sounds all naïve asking why someone would want to kill her. And she totally gave him a signed copy of the book. Hee hee.

SuperDave was a waiter in college? Indeed!

Oooh, an all-team case! Well, we haven’t actually SEEN Warrick and Nicky, so I dunno about the WHOLE team. But at least most.

Theeeeeeere’s Nicky! (I amuse me.)

Damn. I think he got a haircut. Stupid fan-pressure. I liked the floppy hair.

“Maybe mom fell for the wrong gangster.” Bwah. I actually liked that.

Haha, Nicky interviewing a mobster.

Damn it, I wanted Greggo to get the diva pop star, not Grissom!

HAHA, Divette made a run for it. (Diva + ette = Divette. And she’s totally a druggie.)

Damn it, someone get Louise Lombard voice lessons. She just pronounced ‘hankerchief’ in the British way, not the American.

“I already had my birthday.” LOVE YOU BRASS!

Ew. Nose wired to skull, that is SO gross.

Greg’s totally reading the book. And he’s still a lab tech, whatever he may say – he sure loves those geeky toys!

“If she has a vault, why is she keeping cash under the floor?”
“Ran out of room under the bed?”

Haha, Nicky DIDN’T cut his hair! I’m so happy. I love the floppy hair!


“Ancient?” HAHA! He thinks pre-1965 is ancient. Hee. I love Greg.

“Shrimp salad?” Greg sounds SO excited.

Greg has such a crush on her. And Grissom KNOWS it. Heh.

I love that Greg knows these names from the book. I also love the looks Grissom keeps giving him. Screw it, I love THIS EPISODE. Full stop.

Greg got a little “She’s such a drama queen” expression there.


“He was busy being dead.” BWAHA! That’s SO something I’d say.

Heh. The music makes me think I’m watching something classy. *cough* Didn’t just say that, SO didn’t just say what I think I said.

Brass looks totally uncomfortable and on edge, while Grissom slides all smoothly.

BWAHA! “He would’ve been unable to move.”

She’s what? The target? Tired? Retarded? WTF did that guy say?

“Tuna. And the homeless are dining on shrimp salad. Lucky clods.” GREG! HAHA!

Warrick looks even uglier now. I think Gary Dourdan’s hairline is receeding.

Greggo always looks so sophisticated, sipping away.

He needs to quit reading that book. “Canary” indeed, buddy boy.

“Well, I don’t see ‘homicide’ anywhere on the schedule.” And Sara laughs like she has a crush on him. Le sigh.

Numbered dresses? Le Gawd.

“How appropo that she named names. The canary diamond.”

AND HODGES MONTAGE! They like to give us Hodges montages, don’t they? If only for the rhyme factor.

Grrrrreat, Willows family drama. But for some reason, I actually LIKE Catherine this time around. Weird feeling, liking Catherine. I feel kind of dirty, like maybe I should go take a shower.

“If you weren’t my daughter…”
“What? What would you do Sam?”

HODGES! OMG, I can’t believe he was coloring his gray hairs with a Sharpie. That is freaking AWESOME. My dad even laughed at that.

“Vanity, thy name is Hodges.”

“Hodges, don’t you know that gray hair can be attractive?” Silence as Hodges and Grissom stare at her. “So, the ring?”
“The ring. The ring! Uh, it was positive for GSR.”

Is she ded? Oh, yeah. The giant gaping bullet wound would make it appear that yes, she ded. (Foo’.)

HAH. Grissom looks so surprised when Greg knows things. And Greg, strangely enough, no longer seems to mind. He has a LOT more confidence than back when he said Grissom made him nervous.

Greg! Peering through shelves! SO HOT!

Bobby sent the FBI ballistics! Yay!

“Right-o, Daddio!” Bwah.

“Looking beautiful, yeah. In all the papers, yeah. Murder? Only if she was calling the shots.” Greg looks sad about it. So cute.

I love that she killed a guy she hired to kill her because he stole from her. That is SO awesome.

I’m not liking this extreme close up crap. Zoom, click, zoom, flash click ZOOM!

The music is a nice touch. Really makes it seem like the old Vegas.

And Doc Robbins putting her picture in his scrapbook of famous dead folk! YAY CONTINUITY!

Haha, family outing. Where’s Lindsey? She’s going to have such a complex over always being left out of everything in her family. Not that she doesn’t have enough problems already, right?

She looks like her mom. Good choice of actress.

Greg has a fedora. I am SO not surprised. I have a fedora. Me and Greg are obv. Meant to be – but not as meant to be as me and raccoon/private eye Ken Marino. *nods*

“To Greg – the best is yet to come!” Cute.

Next week, on CSI: Our favorite #1 show takes a page from Law & Order: CI’s book and shows us the criminal’s POV. Well, okay. That works.
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