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In Justice, Numb3rs, and other random things.

Spoilers for the latest In Justice.

“That is unadulterated CRAP.” HAHA!

I love that he was spinning a little in the chair.

“You’re not going to vote for me, Charlie?”

“No, I’ve actually never met him before in my life.” Oooh, interesting!

Eleven Angry Men, or what?

Haha, pregnant excersize video.

Or maybe it’s more like One Angry Veronica.

“He died in a drunk driving accident, so he’s not going to say much.”


“Well, it just sounds a little false coming from the biggest liar in here.”

“We decided we don’t need you anymore!”

Haha, they all went to the same assignments Conti would have given him.

“My stance on the Death Penalty. That’s it, isn’t it? Why you won’t vote for me?”

Conti’s dad was Navy? Yay! More reason to love him.

“Nice.” Heh, Conti.

HAHA. I can’t believe Bubba. He’s such a lying little freak. Heh.

And he hangs up on her! So awesome!

Uh oh. Bubba’s in trouble. As usual.

“Damn it, I hate seeing that woman gloat.”

Aw, Conti so acts like Bubba’s dad. Aw. Poor Bubba. He can’t be fired!

Aw, she’s obviously thinking ‘I wish Bubba was here’. Because Bubba’s got the charm.

“You’re like one of those college grads who keeps hanging around campus.”

He didn’t get a lot of approval from his parents, did he? Or morals? Poor Bubba.

Commercials: I want to see The Evidence. I mean, they just used “One Thing Leads to Another” in the commercials, and the guys are totally hot. It’s like a buddy-movie in TV form.

I like this little plot for this episode. It’s different.

I love that he still calls him “our” client. And uses “we”. I don’t think Bubba would do good if he didn’t have a job.

“What do you think of my sweater?”
“I like it, I like it, I think the scarf’s a little much…”
He totally reminded me of Danny on CSI: New York right then.

Bubba as the bleeding heart is a little bit on the creepy side.

Swain doesn’t even remember Bubba’s name! …yes, I realize I use Bubba instead of his name, but I DO know it’s really Jon.

Oh, Bubba gave her the file? That was intelligent of my Bubba.

How is this admissable evidence, though? I don’t get it. I’m confused. Wouldn’t that make it unadmissable, if it was stoled? I LOST!

Aw. Awww. That picture was just SO cute.

Yay Bubba!

They’re not even for a black guy? Jesus. I’d kill Claybourne if he wasn’t already dead.

I DO know! I so do that, if the name’s written too big I can’t even see it! Yay for Conti giving me an analogy that makes sense! Marry me, Conti! …but only after Ken Marino. I’m sorry, but that’s how it’s gotta be.

She’s totally trying to be all nice and Bubba-like.

Haha, Conti pissed her off!

“The pin! THE PIN! Hold on, hold on…”

Wow, he’s got the crazy driving down like THAT.

Why do they always run?

“Move it again, and I’ll break it.”

“Mm. Can you stop doing that now?”
“Just a few more.”

“But I can’t get my – person I work with to do the same.”
“You were about to say friend, weren’t you?”

“Can I sign your yearbook?”
“Go away, I’m done with you.”
“Person I work with…”

“I’d rather work for a place where they promote you for doing the right thing, not fire you.” Go girlfriend!

Aw. The jury guy and Conti are waiting for him! Hoorah!

I really like this episode, with the plot of a guilty-conscienced juryist being the one who brings the case to attention. It’s different, and interesting.

Swain and a kid? That won’t end well.

Spoilers for the latest Numb3rs.

Aw, Charlie announcing Amita as the winner of a prize! That’s sweet!

“It’s not about our luggage.”

“Suspicious- what does that mean?”
“It means you show us the basement.”

Oh, ew! Shudder. It’s way, way less than you’d see on any CSI – or Law & Order, for that matter, but it still squicks me out.

Aha, the good old flashlight-gun holding pose! That’s why Agent Dirgo’s got a flashlight with the button on the bottom, so he doesn’t look like a jackass when he’s using it.

…what, no credits? Huh? Weird!

Whoa, she totally reminds me of River. It’s a little bit on the creepy side.

COLBY! And Colby being all smart with his CID experience!

So THAT’S how they get Amita involved in the case!

Ice equations. Oh, man. Math geeks, so very geeky.

Surface tension! I totally just went over that in class! And now I actually get what the basics of it is.

I SWEAR I know the actress playing the vic. Who IS she?

Megan looks weird when she’s saying “Yeah, yeah…” Like, bizarre.

Colby’s hair looks like mine, only shorter. He hasn’t combed it either, has he? Heh.

I love that he went and checked the shape of the ice. That’s so awesome.

HAHA. They’re wearing jackets.

“We’re watching ice melt.” That’s hilarious! Like saying they’re watching paint dry, or grass grow.

Haha, Larry and Charlie looked like little kids being lightly scolded by their dad.

Haha, Colby speaking with his mouth full of muffin. And still talking with his mouth full!

“An ambulance?” Both at the same time. And Colby grabs another muffin! Me and Colby are the exact same person, hand to God.

Diane Farr’s eyes look weird and shiny. Ick.

Kidney theft! DUN DUN!

Organ transplant tourists? Creepy.

Who IS she? SO FAMILIAR!!!

Great, two missing folk!

Whoa. The way the medical lawyer smiled made him look like a Deluise.

Shocking statistics.

And I bet the lawyer has SOMETHING to do with the case. He’s slimy and suspicious.

Aw, Amita.

And sigh, Charlie’s connecting with Amita over being different as a child and wanting to fit in. Le sigh. I think the music’s the main problem in this scene, because

WHOA. She just kissed Charlie.

Now for meh bois.

Ah, coincidences.

And I totally knew he was going to back out and take off. Sheesh. Am I the only one who watches Law & Order these days?

Heh. I love the ambulance chase scene. And Colby’s awesome.

If I were the ambulance driver, I’d totally drive by a hospital; hope to get lost in the confusion and WOW. That was one hell of a crash!

I bet the guy’s dead. That would suck for them.

“Maybe they can check and see if he’s a donor.” Ooh, burn! Go Colby!

Colby always gets the grunt work. And doesn’t seem to mind.

Aw! Colby called Charlie! How sweet.

I love that Colby trusts Charlie and the math, and David’s all “Come on, that ain’t gonna work.” Colby totally has a crush on Charlie. Hee.

“You’d think brothers would match.” Aw, Don.

Haha, he totally uses Larry as a lab assistant.


Oooh. Dylan Bruno looks SO hot in this scene. That hair WORKS for him, daym.

Uh oh. One of the other girls is dead, too.

The morgue’s a great place to hide a body indeed!

300K? Shit, yo.

“…she’s right about what?”

I bet the guy’s daughter is the one who knows about it, not him. Maybe. Or not.

This SO reminds me of that episode of... um, almost every crime drama that ever existed.

So, Timmy’s a medic? Okie dokey Timmy-okey!

Aw! Sister survived!

Aw, Amita’s voice broke. That’s so sweet.

Did Larry just ask where Don was? He so has a crush. *nods*

Don went and became an organ donor! Aw.

“Now can I get a little more respect around here?”

Haha, Charlie doesn’t want to donate!

“Well, in your case, I could see that happening.”

“Don’t worry, we got your back. …and your spleen…”

Next week, on Numb3rs: the next Charlie Eppes helps terrorists!

...who would rob a Goodwill? The fuck?

DUDES! Guess what TWoP is totally adding to their store in February? Oh, nothing, just this, a reference to the biggest shout-out TWoP's ever gotten!

EDIT: Oh, I nearly forgot. Anyone who has a website, what's the best hosting you can think of? I'm not talking free webhosting, either.
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    I finally get my act together and catch an episode of VM... and it has a monkey sharing the name of my boyfriend. My life? SO WEIRD.

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    OMG. OMG. Sorry, but OMG.

  • It's a white man's sport.

    I absolutely love The Piz. I want to huggle Dick. Mac and Wallace are awesome. I still want to marry Ken Marino. Criminology professors are dead…

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