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I just watched about half of Oz s6. There is not near enough Dean Winters in it.

Timmy Kirk's "Praise Hell. Praise Satan." hiss just over took Cyril's sockpuppet's "What the fuck are you looking at?" for funniest moment on Death Row. Gawd damn, I love me some Timmy Kirk. I mean, he's a scary crazy-ass motherfucker, but I swear to God I laugh in every scene he's in.

And I'm thinking it's just about impossible for there to be a better combo of Death Row inmates than Keller, Kirk, Cyril, and Hoyt.

Lopresti looks a little bit like a cross between David Boreanz and... um, the guy who plays Vartann on CSI. It's a little weird to look at, now that I've realized it.

I love it. Keller lunges at a hack, the hack starts beating the crap out of him, and the camera pulls up for a quick shot of Hoyt, lounging against his cell's bars and looking for all the world like "Oh, look at that. Keller was an idiot again. Hm, I hope my TiVo's working..."

Dude, I totally want to play some par-fucking-cheesi! That sounds fun.

Sweet! They just showed the "what ya in fer?" flashback for Pablo Rossa, and while it was going down I was thinking "Definitely not murder, manslaughter most definitely. Involuntary, because he didn't mean to kill nobody even while he was shooting". And HELL if I wasn't right! I love my brain.

Note: episode 3, 30:32 in. It appears Cyril has a dog bowl in his cell. Okay then.

Dobbs also looks disturbingly like David Boreanz.

Man, all the fun's gone out of Death Row since Hoyt killed Timmy Kirk (for some reason, it's just weird to type 'Kirk' or 'Timmy'. It's all or nothing. Maybe I'll just call him 'the redhead Satanist cocksucker'). I mean, Cyril's desolate since losing Jericho, Hoyt's gone off his rocker, seeing the devil everywhere, and Keller is just quiet and watching, and actually seems to be pitying Cyril. I want some Death Row hijinks, man! It ain't been this sad since they killed Shirley and all the guys were moping about losing the pussy.

"Maybe I'll call him 'Uncle Jahfree'." BWAHA, Ryan. I love you. Marry me? (But only after Ken Marino, of course.) Interesting fact: Jahfree became eligible for parole nineteen days ago!

PSA: The more time one spends online, the more isolation one suffers. True dat, yo. Of course, it is entirely arguable that one suffers more social isolation in real life as compared to the Internet because the Internet opens up the entire world for you to find like-minded folk with, instead of having to adapt to the wants, needs, and likes of those you come into everyday contact with. It's also arguable that because of this ability to find sudden matches, we've become more intolerant and less able to deal with those whose viewpoints do differ from ours. It's also arguable that I am giving way too much fucking thought to a single line delivered by Nappa about the Internet. It's fucking Oz, I probably thought more right there than the writers of the show did in the entire sixth season. (Of course, Prison Break still holds the patent for most ridiculous storylines, prison edition.)

*reads line of Macbeth*
"And what does that mean to you?"
"...why don't you just tell me?"
Oh, God. Now I'm identifying with fuckin' Wolfgang Cutler. Fuckin' Oz, making me empathize with a whole stable full of murderers and sick little fucks.

...wow. In this scene, where Robson suggests Wolfgang try BCP, the lighting is totally making me see a little Beecher in Wolfgang, and a little Ryan in Robson. And it's fucking scary.

And now, in the scene right after the black hack made the joke about one of them lynching themselves, Robson is totally blue-steeling it up. Man. Could you imagine Mikey-boy in Oz? Now, Abruzzi would fit right in - the Italians always seem like such pussies, even when they're killing people all over the fucking place. T-Bag would get the shit beat out of him. Sucre... he'd probably slide by if he didn't get all caught up in El Norte (if he did get caught up in that, Miggie would, at some point in the show, go batshit insane on his ass).

Hm. Michael Scofield and Ryan O'Reily teamed up - because you sure as shit know that Ryan would be the best contact Mikey-boy could have on the inside - Ryan O'Reily have have no contacts or gang or any real pull, but he's the guy who gets shit done.

Someone, quick, write an Oz/Prison Break crossover where Mikey-boy goes to Oswald instead of Fox River!

Fuck, man. I'm going to bed now. It's three in the fucking AM! I'm fucking tired.

(PS: For those new to the show, after a while of watching Oz, my language degenerates into a string of 'fuck's. Also 'damn's and 'hell's, but I use those constantly, so they don't count.)
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