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"Jordan, this machine just made a beepy noise!"

Spoilers for the latest Crossing Jordan.

EW. That looks gross. I can’t believe Nige is eating that.

“Did a baby throw up in here?”
“Bingo!”/“That’s it!”

MACY! BAD MACY! No drinky for Macy!

Dun dun! The jackass boyfriend is le ded! Le noes!

I’m betting there’s no David Monahan this episode. Le sigh. My poor Seely! He better be in the next episode, or I shall be le mad.

Gawd, I hate Lily. HATE. LILY. Gah. She’s so very, very annoying.

“Nigel, please. Nouns, verbs, make sense!”

Commericals: Average age of an ADA in NYC is 28? Interesting. This song rules. Too bad the show's up against #s.

Aaaaand le backsies!

Ick. I need to quit reading the casting sides. I know everything that’s going to go on this episode, so it bores me. Le sighs.

“No comment.” Bwaha! For some reason, that cracked me up.

On that note, there are new sides up for episode nineteen! *opens them*

God, Macy. You need a shave. And to quit drinking.

“Would have pegged you for more of a drinking man.” BWAHA. Even homeless guys know Macy’s deep dark secret.

I’ll say it’s inappropriate. Giving out addresses willy-nilly. Lily needs to get in trouble for doing shit like that eventually.

“Jordan, this machine just made a beepy noise!”
“It’s called a computer, and that means it has happy news.”
Hah. Seely’s smarter than Woody.

Wow. That little twirl of music made me think of CSI: New York. Oh, funny story! I’m reading Robert Muchamore’s The Killing, the fourth in the CHERUB series? And Dave Moss is totally blaring “Baba O’Riley” (aka, CSINY’s theme song) while he and James are on a mission.

Haha, smooth move Macy. Jackass. Let’s piss off the guy who’s got a foot and a hundred pounds on me, that’ll end well.

Twenty minutes left? Argh.

Is that Abby helping him hobble along? Or is it the mysterious coated person from “Blue Moon”? Nope, Abby. Damn. I still want to know who that guy was.

“You look like crap.”
“Yeah, you look real great.”

Haha, Woody IS outmanned, though. I almost wish he HAD been shot, that maybe would’ve learned him a lesson. PS: Woody should NOT say ‘homes’. It’s creepy as fuck.

Oh noes! Ded guy! Killeded by le Macy, me thinks!

“Why the hell didn’t you call me?!”
“You sent me home, I didn’t want to get in trouble.”
Aw! Okay, I’m back to liking Macy now.

HAH. The Woody/Jordan shippers are going to go nuts, I know it. They are going to be screaming and yelling and bitching all over the place. And I, I shall be laughing my fucking ass off.

And, of course, the mother of Chad (or what-the-hell-ever his name was) must have a change of heart. Because otherwise, Lily would have done nothing effective. Gah. Remind me never to have a family member die in Boston.

Macy’s totally talking about himself there.

Ew, baby throw up. Smart Bug, avoiding the baby throw up!

Fan-freaking-tastic. Heh. I totally say that.

Aw. Macy’s going back to normal. Hoorah for Macy!

I really, really want to watch some Dark Angel now. I think it was the combo of girl in late teens + darkness + guns + gangs and the like that made me think "Hm, some kickass genetically engineered people would be great right now". So... watch some season two Dark Angel (and suffer through the Logan/Max storylines that make me gag), or try and finish season six of Oz (and suffer through the old people storylines)? Hm. 'Tis a harder question than you'd think. Maybe I'll just finish reading The Killing. Yeah, sounds good.

(Note to self: Getting some-freakin'-other icon for CJ that doesn't have Seely!)
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