Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

New Veronica Mars icon! I was reading... something, can't remember what, and someone used the word 'tawdry'. This spurred me to make an icon on 'words that remind me of VM', since there are SO VERY MANY. Also, it's now my only animated icon.

EDIT For the non-VM fans on my list, a quick guide to each word.
Moxie: "You're admiring my moxie, aren't ya?" "Something like that." The Cassidy/Mac shippers watchword.
Tawdry: "I like this case, it's tawdry." Ah, Cliffie.
Kewl: "UR Kewl". The beginning of Meg/Duncan. A text message from Duncan.
BFF: "Yeah, well, you can B your own FF." Veronica and Wallace are BFFs!
Lamb: Um, DUH.
Awkward: "You should get a codeword for when you don't want to be disturbed. I was thinking 'awkward'." Also, see TWoP and Couch Baron's recaps.
Tags: eljay, icons

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