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Wow, I'm bored. And I ramble about David Monahan more than is healthy.

Fun fact of the day: my first real music video (I do not consider my POS Harry Potter/Bourne Identity/Highlander video set to "Walk Through the Fire" that I made in ninth grade to be a REAL music video) I ever made? Ended with a shot of David Monahan. Oh yes. Yes indeed. From the Angel episode "Players".

I was obv. destined to be a David Monahan fan. Is destiny. *nods*

In other, less geekier news, it is now February 1st. Making it EXACTLY one week to go until the school ski trip (I shall be tubing). We're supposed to meet at the school at six to get on the bus, and we should be back at six. Oh, and it's a two and a half hour bus trip. TWO AND A HALF HOURS! AND I CAN'T READ ON BUSES! Maybe I'll take the DVD player. That'll be good for one of the trips. Maybe I could get a power pack or something, so I'd be able to use it all trip long. But whatever should I watch? Veronica Mars is the default answer, but Bob'll still have my DVDs (I bet anything he will). Highlander... eh. Oz... bad idea to watch while on a bus with twelve year olds and teachers. 21 Jump Street? I still haven't watched the last episodes of the fourth season. That'd work!

In other, more geekier news, it is now February 1st. Making it two days until Something New is released in theaters, and I get to see David Monahan on the big screen. RAWK!
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