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"Is there anybody you don't think is corrupt?" "Yeah. You."

Spoilers for the latest Veronica Mars.

Previously: “Are you keeping a dead rat in our freezer?”

And HAH, the ‘super huge deputy’.

KNIFE! Mm, that looks nummy. German chocolate nutgasm. Hee.

“I need a project.” Heh, I’ll say.

“Don’t let him misspell your name.”

“I know nothing.” HEE!

Keith’s totally playing Inga. Poor Inga.

WTF is he doing? Huh? Who’s on the tape? Is it Leo? Sounds a little like Leo. Maybe I’m just being crazy.

HAHA, cut out area in le booksie!

“Maybe he’s just a slow typist.”

Ruh roh, Weevs and Molly!

At church? “Only place the micks and spics get together without punches being thrown.”

“That’s my family. Twelve hoodlums, one priest.”

DUN DUN! Oh noez, Wallace!

Hey, Duncan’s still in the credits! They should totally replace him with Lambage. That’d rule.

“Hey, the paper’s from the library!” Haha. And YAY! Lamb’s in le credits! And Cliff! And Gia! Um, well, not SO much yay on that front, but still.

“Is there anybody you don’t think is corrupt?”
“Yeah, you.”

“What’s not fun?”
“Oh, cause I thought you were talking about the history quiz.”
“No. I was talking about jail.”


“You know a good lawyer?”
“I know A lawyer.” Hee!

“…and end up 'Mary' to some giant murderer named Tiny.” HEE!

“Do you know what ANY words actually mean?”

“I can’t help it, I’m mail.”

“So you think when I apply to college-”

“What? No, I don’t want to see the one where you can see his…”

Ms. Dumas? DUN DUN!

“Drugs, murders, frame-ups, Saint Mary’s church, why didn’t I think of it sooner.”

“You’ve met the Fitzpatricks, right?”
“I found them scrappy but loveable.”

“What? You were thinking, you want me to alert the media?”

“That’s decent thinking for a novice.”

Patrick Fitzpatrick. Bwaha. I will NEVER get over that name.

Who’s that dude who just saw Weevs leave Logan’s pad? And what dirty dirty thoughts is he thinking?


Is Veronica lurking within? YEP! I win at life.

Ruh roh. I believe that’s Rashard’s uncle-agent. He’s totally skeevy, too.

“Think with your brains, not with this-” Smacks him in the lap.

“It’s that thing they have, where you don’t even have to leave the soothing comfort of your car.”

“And it’s make-the-karaoke-machine-want-to-kill-itself night.”

“And also, it seems, Veronica-I-want-a-favor night.”

Oh noes. This is Britt Daniels. And he’s totally singing “Veronica”.

LARS! HAHA! LARS! So totally the best running joke!

“Ah, a favor, one of our specialties.”

“Maybe you should try ‘you’re crazy’ down the street?”

“Are you guys roomies now, and he just ate your peanut butter, and now you’re not talking.”

“Do either of you have any experience playing a horse’s ass?” My dad laughed at that.

“No. Because saving your ass WITH comment? It just works SO much better for me.”

Is that Dick? Yep! Dick! YAY DICK!

“I’m not like a professional smellologist.”

“I think that was like, his first good idea ever.” Haha, Cassidy.

Aw. Lamb totally smiled at Cassidy a little. Hee.

DUDES. Bob totally called the rat-smelling-to-get-off-the-bus thing. Sweeeeet.

Dick, acting like a dick!

Uncle Rucker. That amuses me.

Dun dun. Le church!

“Do I feel guilty? Yes. Fortunately, that’s what this place was made for.”

“Definitely the priest I want on my side in a team knife fight.” You take him, I’ll take the dude from Rescue Me (his brothers are Dean Winters and Denis Leary, come ON!)

“I’m really sorry about this.”

“I haven’t done things that are… on the up-and-up. You know. God-wise.”

“But if God asked, I was with you.” Hee.

“Part of us isn’t blending in.”
“I’ll be, I’ll wait in the car!”

I love that Wallace is like, a foot shorter than the other basketball players. And he looks so tall next to Veronica, too!

Poor Wallace puppy. I give you hugs!

Oooh, Jackie. I see exactly where you’re coming from. But you’re still a biotch.

Did they just throw Wallace in a closet? They did! Man, that sucks. Poor Wally!

Haha, Wallace finally escaped the closet! He was “Trapped in the Closet”. BWAHA.

Haha, Wallace teams up with Uncle Rucker to track down his ex-girlfriend and the guy framing Wallace for hitting a homeless dude.

And it IS Club Thin! And theeeeere’s Super Huge Deputy!

She’s totally awesome at getting deputies to do favors for her.

“Sorry. Have to get to church.”

I guess the transmitter doesn’t reach too far, hence the keeping the

“Wait. Where’s the distributing? There’s supposed to be distributing!”

Thumper! Oh noez. It be le Thumpy.

Does he keep calling her ‘V Mars’?

Jackie played Rashard? SWEET!

Aw. She totally just flirted with Wallace. And Veronica grinned.

Hey, it’s Jane!

I love Veronica’s “Aaaah” look.

“If I could control him, I would.”

That reminded me of the Veronica/Wallace/Troy scene at the end of episode two, season one. Aw.

The entire group is dealing? Except Weevs?

Uh oh. Called him out on his buddying up with Logan.

Weevs just got kicked out of the PCHers? OMG. And they beat him up! WEEVS! NO! And his bike? HIS BIKE? Shit, yo.

What? WHAT? Weevil killed Curly? And Thumper did in Felix? Whoa.

What the hell? Who is this guy, and what’s going on?

Ah ha, Guy Abrutti! He totally looks like he worked at White Castle, too.

Aw, Weevs is riding the bus. Poor Weevs. And Spoon! “I Summon You”!

“Open your mouth, and you’re losing every one of those teeth.”

“My advice? Keep it shut, Uncle Rucker.”

Her dad told her not to? Goody Goodman totally IS in on it.

They bet on the game?

Lamb’s talking to Cook about the crash? DUN LE DUN.

Next week, on Veronica Mars: 12000$ is missing! Jackie gets dunked! ...by Molly Fitzpatrick?

Whoa. It's like, in the space of one episode, the entire social structure just got flipped on its fucking head. Holy shit. It was just like... BAM, new social order! I'm in shock. Holy shit.
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