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"You're right. He probably just loved his car and has a really bad temper."

Spoilers for the latest CSI.

Eh. So far (all of less-than-a-minute in), it’s got nothin’ on Mike’s POV (heretofore known as the standard by which all “the episode from the killer’s point of view” episodes shall be judged, and rightly so).

Le silencer on le barrel!

Hah. From a distane he looks like a mountain-man version of Nicky.

Good music choice, though.

See, Good Samaritans? THIS is why you don’t do the good thing. *wise nod* ‘Cause then Mountain-Man-Nicky’ll strangle y’all to death. Mmhm.

Okay, so it’s not totally from the killer’s POV. Le sigh. They just failed the Mike’s POV standard.

Heh. Coffee and donuts.

So. Wait. If one person causes an accident, and the person they ran into leaves, and the first person dies, the other person’s liable? WTF? That does NOT seem right to me.

Hey, did the credits used to have the shot of Walter Gordon’s shack going BOOM?

WHOO for Hodges in le credits! And Archie! And Bobby! SWEET!

Aha, William Sadler, that’s who Mountain-Man-Nicky is!

“I’m not a rapist, I was a date-rapist! It’s, like, not even the same thing!” Gawd. I just got an image of Dick Casablancas in interrogation.

“That’s like, when you like, use your cell phones? To like, send words?” Bwaha!

Haha, thanks, Sara, for calling it for the long-shot it is!

What, is Sofia going to go it alone? Come ON, call up Greggo!

Oooh, she needs CSI, soooo dramatic. *eyeroll*

Haha. They think they’ve processed that exact room before. That’s awesome.

Why’d SuperDave just write on the body? And where’s my Greggo?

Aw. He paid the father. Okay, so, this episode is shaping up to be like Mike’s POV in one aspect –

Dude. Hodges sounded like Nick for a second. Creeeepy.

He used to carry a rabbit’s foot! Hee! And he didn’t believe in it, but it couldn’t hurt, right?

“Told you it was a piece of crap.” BWAHA! I love how he sounded when he said that.

“You’re right. He probably just loved his car and has a really bad temper.” Sara sarcasm!

Dude. I’m totally getting an Ocean’s 11 flashback here. Wowzerz.

AHA! We have le reason for le beard!

Y’know, if you smear your ID with Vaseline before photocopying, it comes out blurry. *long pause* WHY DO I KNOW THESE THINGS?!?! I blame books. If I didn’t read, I’d have no idea how to become a criminal mastermind.

BOBBY! So hot. Mm. I heart me some Bobby.

WTF is up with that web address? www.www.rocketboom.com? The fuck?

Ruh roh. He changed le password!

OOOHER! Archie was totally hot right there, when he put the photocopy on the scanner.

What’s Sara doing? I’m lost. Aha!

“I saw the movie Speed, I’m not gonna be hijacked!”
And then Brass corrects her on the premise of Speed. High-larious!

Hee! Greg and Nick working together! And they’re wearing different outfits. That amuses me so much. Greggo is such a skinny boy, too.

“Every time I come to the desert, I find porn.”

“Who throws away porn? They’re like heirlooms! Pass them on down...” and he goes out of hearing range. HEE!

NICK! Bad pun. Baaad. Leave the horrible puns to Danny on NY!


Wow, like, no snark from Hodges right then. Although, did you notice when he was walking back to his lab, that another tech totally dodged out of Hodge’s way? Bwah.

I’m still confused about this guy – actually, that would be par for the course of the M’sPOV standard. Hm. Good going, buddies!

MORE BOBBY? The writers must love me.


Commercial: is that ‘next Charlie Eppes’ kid the same genius kid from the arson episode?

“I ride it because I love you.” Heehee! That amuses me.

So, wait, his wife knows he’s a hitman? Who’d marry a hitman? Oh. She married a robber. Okie dokey. (Who’d marry a robber?)

“Carl, you don’t make mistakes.”
“I didn’t. Someone else did.”

I actually feel sorry for him. Weirdness.

Yay for Nicky breaking the case! (PS: He totally walks like a cop, which fits Nicky’s backstory, in addition to amusing me.)

Hey, it’s Brassy!

“Don’t take it personally, but I’m not going to take your word for it.”
“You guys never do.”

“Mommy doesn’t like you.”
“That’s too bad, she barely even knows me!”

He gave himself up? Well, it was nice of him to give himself up to the old man cop.

“So tell me, where’d I go wrong?”
“You killed two people.”

And the episode ends. That was oddly satisfying. As well as oddly depressing.

Next week, on CSI: Lady Heather’s back! And there’s an interesting Nazi!Dark Angel plot, too.
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