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"Bioterror? I thought it was a photocopier."

Spoilers for the latest In Justice.

Okay, I’m watching In Justice in the front room, a room across from the tiny ass TV. Also, I’ve got this one annoying lock of hair that refuses to move from the corner of my eye.

Back 1996, people got ded and there seemed to be a pretty smart robbery ring. That’s the kind of robbery ring I’d make, if I got into that kind of shit. One of the robbers looks kind of like Colin Farrell.

Aw, that’s nice. A fellow prisoner is the one who sent the letter. And the girl they’re trying to spring was basically just like them.

I bet that the daughter’s got SOMETHIN’ to do with it.

I love that she’s been spending like, all of her time in the law library. Welcome to me!

I love all of Swain’s little crazy assistants. They’re awes.

“Please don’t say dating, don’t embarrass yourself.”

“Don’t tell the kids, it’ll just… complicate things.” They’re totally like the gay dads of the Nat’l Justice Proj.

I still love their version of credits. It makes me go sort of ‘aw’ every time I see it.

“I thought we were on my narcoleptic drug smuggler.” *SNORT* Oh, Bubba.

“I’m gonna need a minute, I wasn’t part of the estrogen-fest.”

“The post-coital bubblegum.”

“See, this is what I don’t understand, people actually take you seriously.”

I don’t need to see Swain

“Well, it’s glued on.” Aha, le mystery is le solved!

I love that he smoothed it back.

She’s so condescending. I’d slap her. But then, that’s me.

“Idiot Patrolman Syndrome.” Sweet.

I really hope that’s not Conti/new girl flirting.

Burglary, execution, same difference.

“Looks like… anarchy.”
“Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Swain!”

I love that Conti is more wary about Swain’s girlfriend than Swain himself is.

Wow. I really hate the daughter.

Hey, It’s the Lilly trick! Airvents ahoy! Not that there’s anything in there, but still.

Haha. She totally paused when she saw Swain. ‘She saw Swain’. Hee.

“That’s why I have interns.” Ooh, Swain!

“Oh yeah, that’s because I’m in freaking Stockton.”

Oh, Bubba. Bubba Bubba Bubba. You and your girls.

Dun dun. Maybe she WAS a ten percenter!

He’s so like Conti’s son. He acts like it SO much. Conti and Swain are the married couple, Bubba’s their somewhat spoiled brat who wants attention and approval, and Brianna and… new girl… are his older sisters who love to wind him up. It’s perfect!

I bet someone in her law firm was a ten percenter. That’s it. I win!

Even the COs are for her. She’s totally the Beecher of In Justice.

Poor Bubba, he always gets the grunt work.

Did he just get a Southern accent? He did. He so did. Irish boys are good with accents. Also, are hot. Mm. Irish boys.

What, was the shop owner running a sting or something? Is that what’s happening? Maybe not, since there’s a dog there. My imagination, she gets away with me sometimes.

Is that the guy from Boy Meets World as the crazy silencer seller guy? He looks like it.

“All right, I’ll sell you a silencer!”
“Shut up!”

Cops, DEA, and ATF? Dun dun!

“The DA, skinny bitch.” Haha!

The Jusice League. I JUST got that. I am SO slow.

And now the daughters are pissed off at Mummy and Daddy! Which one’s Mum and which is Dad, though?

And he stomps off all “I’m done talking to you” and then hangs up on Swain’s call.

“You like the high horse, don’t ya?”

Junior knew his parents were fighting!

Whoa. In that lighting, Junior totally looked like Dick from VM right then. That was kind of awesome. I now want fic where Veronica contacts the Nat’l Just. Proj. about Abel Koontz. Or one where Logan gets convicted, and Veronica can’t prove it wrong herself, so she contacts them. That would RULE.

Sonja! That’s her name!

Where the hell is the almost dead guy? Oh! The coworker, right? The meth head?

Commercial: I so need to see The Evidence. Orlando Jones and Rob Estes are all sorts of awesome, as is “One Thing Leads to Another”.

“By the way, next time you break into a house, don’t leave your pick in the lock.”

“I knew you were a cop.”
“No. Much worse. An ex-cop without a pension.”

Yay for blonde cop lady! I actually wouldn’t mind a her/Conti ship. As long as it doesn’t mess up family dynamics, Daddy and Mummy can their little affairs. It coo’, yo.

They’re on another case, already?

I like her. “I bet women don’t even wear dresses like this anymore. I got a lot of catching up to do.”

Aw! A surprise party! That’s so sweet! Aw.

It’s the girls she helped out in prison! And they all got her a place to stay for a full year. I think I’m tearing up. Just in time to tear up with her.

“In my mind, I was all alone, and no one would see me cry. So… thank you.”


“Well, there was an Elaina once, in San Diego…” Ah, Swain, you dog you!

Spoilers for the latest Numb3rs.

Work that stopwatch, Charlie! Mmhm.

Geekery ahoy!

The science field’s answer to Charlie. God forbid.

Okay, so. How much more Ocean’s 11 can they GET, anyhow?

Commercial: Tony totally smacks himself on the back of the head. Sweet.

COLBY! I recognized him from the back. I. Am. Pathetic. And Colby. Is. Cute. But. Still. Needs. A. Comb.

I love how David’s acting like he knows what Larry’s talking about.

Diane Farr, get that goddamn smirk OFF your face.

Concievably? Pandemic? Colby’s smarter than he looks.

Espionage? He’s really into the five-dollar words right now.

“Someone like Professor Charles Eppes…” Colby’s so flirting with him.

Aw, Charlie feels guilty.

Larry has a Rubix cube! And he’s sitting waaaay too close to Charlie.

“Quixotic”? Okay, who got a new dictionary this episode?

Aw. I think that’s the first time we’ve ever seen them fight. And Larry totally loves Charlie. Heh.

His mother wrote music? Well. Okay.

Ew. Bad glasses, Diane Farr. Baaad.

The kid’s playing the ‘poor little boy’ angle a little TOO hard.

THANK you, David, for talking about the kid bragging. THANK YOU.

“His shoots a lot further than yours.”
“Sorry. Every time I see a badge, I wanna hurt something.”

Colby looks so cute. But needs a comb.

Larry gives the best shocked looks.

“What’s the matter with this room?”
“Could use a vaccuum.”

“What were you into sophomore year of college?”

“Larry.” Shakes his head. Don’s disappointed with Larry. Because he loves him. Heh.

“That’s why all the piano lessons with that horrible woman!”

“One time, she actually filed my fingernails FOR me.”

OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! IT’S KIRK ACEVEDO! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kirk Acevedo AND Dylan Bruno in a scene together? Sweet. SWEET.

“Well intentioned ignorance is a SLENDER defense, at best.”

“You are EXACTLY right.”
“Why is that not comforting?”

I love that everyone’s listening to Charlie intently – except Colby, who is working on/reading some papers.

“I’m so hoping you have one of those cute little analogies.” Me too, girly.

Whoa, that’s kind of kick ass.

Thirty passes for eighteen. I saw that on Crossing Jordan – the burked episode, yannow.

Mass spec! Whoo!

Haha, Charlie. “You know, I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated the resemblance to Pan before.”

Norwegian! Whee!

Thirteen year old freshman. That blows my sixteen year old freshman out of the water. And I know exactly what Charlie’s talking about right here. When you’re a child genius, you always wanted to be the youngest to do everything.

Aw. Larry should be a counselor.

ALVAREZ! You bad boy, bad boy. Whatcha gonna do?

Please frisk him! Oh, wait, wouldn’t be as good without Dean Winters there. Damn.

“Bioterror? I thought it was a photocopier.” Hee!

Sure you don’t steal. You just attack old men for scratching your car!

Whoa, sparks!

Whoa, dead guy! And you know what, I think he was on Oz too. As an Aryan? Yes, he looks like that one guy.

I love Colby’s little panicked look at the idea of a fifth form of matter. And he looks so confused in general.

I totally thought he was going to say homosexual, not homicidal.

Huh. That’s interesting. Totally cool.

MY LAIGO LAB?!?!” Oh, Larry.

I hope the fibbies are already in place, and are just waiting for them to brake in. That’d rule. On the other hand, why does the evil chameleon kid look so damn familiar?

“If he’s already been in here, I don’t know if I want to live.”

Hey, my mom was right, they WERE drilling in at ground level!

They always run. Sigh.

He looks like Tom Lenk. Maybe that’s it. I don’t think he IS – yeah, definitely not. More like a Danny Strong-Tom Lenk combination. It’s a little creepy.

“You have to know how funny that word sounds coming from your mouth.”

Eh. I didn’t like that delivery of Dave’s backstory. A little too dramatic, if you ask me.

Aw, Donny. Playing piano. And he sits like he had lessons, too.

I may have a soft spot for guys who play piano. Don and Alec from Dark Angel, both.

Next week, on Numb3rs: It’s a reeeeeruuuuuuun!

And now, to pack my gym bag for academy. And to make something for lunch for academy. And to cram like hell for the exam at academy. Groooooooan.
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