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Episode 6.5.

I love Hank and Andy Schillinger. They’re kick ass.

Okay, so, McManus is doing his little speechifyin’ about Hill’s book, and as he’s speaking the camera focuses on all of our favorites. We’ve got the Italians and most everyone else in a group on the bottom floor, the homeboys leaning on the railing above, watching, and… Ryan O’Reily, sitting on the upper level floor, hanging his arms and legs through the railings. Snerk. I love Ryan.

I love that the book really IS product placement; as in, it has the exact same cover. That’s hilarious.

I like Rawles more than Wangler. But then, the first episode I saw Rawles in, he wasn’t taunting a poor guy and stealing his shoes.

Have I ever mentioned that I love Omar? Because I do. I really do. And he totally looked scary when he told Arif to stop ordering him around.

I also love Yood. He’s awesome.

“The Brotherhood is really grateful for what you did to Said. If the Muslims start hasslin’ you, tell us and we’ll take care of them.”
“I’m a Jew.”
Haha, Schillinger! The look on his face…

Is it bad that Idzik’s cold-water hot-water thing actually made sense to me? I think it is. (And Schillinger’s slow nod at that and subsequent “You should’ve pleaded insanity” was effing hilarious.)

The eyes on the back of Schillinger’s head look like Sharpie.

Omar’s watching the washing machine. You have NO IDEA how much that makes me laugh.

“I am hereby and officially requesting a face-to-face meeting with Lemuel Idzik.” HAHA. Omar, I love you.

“No no no no, I’m not going to hurt him!”
“Yeah, that’s what you say now. But what will you say when you’re standing over his dead body with a shank in your hand?”

I think I may hate Dave Brass more than anyone else on the show. Anyone. At all. Fuckin’ prick. Although I did giggle a little when he flipped Murphy off and went all “Fuck you, Murphy.”

I just laughed twice. At McManus. And not at his expense. “Stop fucking agreeing with me!” “Stop being so fucking remorseful!” And Murphy’s totally acting like a kid, like I do when I’m upset. “Maybe I should transfer out of Em City. Maybe I should just quit altogether!”

“What, you don’t want me to be remorseful?”
“No! Yes!”

And then McManus comes over and… hits on Murphy? I am sooo lost, it’s not even funny.

Aw. I like Busmalis. And he’s sweet with… that chick whose name I can’t remember, and her daughter. Aw.

“Well, what is it then, did you forget the fucking alphabet?” McManus, I may actually be beginning to like you. You should curse more. It’s good for you.

Ick. I hate the Rebadow plotline, though. Gimme more Busmalis!

I love Ryan being angry with his mother. “Wow, Mom, you really think I’m capable of that?” Ouch. The sarcasm physically BURNED me.

Oooh, clever blocking. Redding gets up and goes to talk to Jahfree, and Ryan’s totally sitting on a chair in the background.

“If you really want to do Naima some harm, tie him to your mother’s crime.”
“What do you mean?”
“You’re a clever boy, you figure that one out.”

“Well well well, Agent Taylor, you here to visit me?”
“Fuck you, Keller.”
Something about the way Taylor said that sent shivers down my spine – not, like, scared shivers. The other kind.

“So, how are you adjusting to life after Death Row?” Cut to Keller, head on the desk.
“I’m BORED.”

“Good for you, you sexy motherfucker.” BWAHA.

Oooh, Keller is one sick bastard.

“Same old story. I got fucked in the ass.”

And now, seriously. Bed time. Srsly.
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