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Pairing meme!

Make a list of all the characters in your icons. (Although you may have more than one icon of a single character, they only go on the list once.) Alphabetize it. Take the first two people on the list; that's your first pairing. Second two people; second pairing.

I'm copying fangirl1981's idea, and doing it by both first and then last name. I'm not including icons like my Wanted general icon, that have more than like three people; I'm also not including minor characters who may be in the icons. I also use the full names, since every freakin' character has a nickname.

Alexandra Eames/Anthony DiNozzo - Oh, she'd hurt him. It would be funny to watch, though!
Brian Cassidy/Buffy Summers - *snort* No. Just no.
Caitlin Todd/Cassidy Casablancas - EEEW. Dead lady with underage boy.
Cassie McBain/Charlie Eppes - Uh, no.
Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie/Cliff McCormack - I'm sorry, the age difference is squicky.
Colby Granger/Danny Messer - Mmm. Someone needs to write this ASAP!
David Hodges/Dennis Booker - Hee. Heehee. Heeeeeee. I'd love that.
Don Eppes/Don Flack - The Dons! And they'd actually work well with each other, too.
Douglas Penhall/Eddie Drake - Wow. That actually could work.
Greg Sanders/Jimmy McGloin - HEE. Jimmy is totally like Nick after the Day o' Rage, too.
Johnny Gavin/Keith Mars - I think my eye is twitching.
Leo D'Amato/Lincoln "LJ" Burrows, Jr. - Oooh. I don't care that Leo's six years older than LJ. That 'ship would rock.
Logan Cale/Logan Echolls - Did I ever tell you about that fic I wanted to write where Logan Cale WAS Logan Echolls? This ship would work scarily well.
Mahesh "Bug" Vijay/Matt Seely - MEANT 2 BE! MEANT 2 BE!!!!!!
Mike Silletti/Nick Stokes - Mike's too much of a dumb blonde.
Quentin Cross/River Tam - Creeeeeepeeeeee.
Robert Goren/Ryan O'Reily - ...huh. That would actually be pretty awesome.
Sean Garrity/Sean Murphy - Garrity's far too much of a dumb blonde.
Sheldon Hawkes/Stella Bonasera - I like it.
Tobias Beecher/Tommy Gavin - I'm trying to decide who's more badass.
Veronica Mars/Vinnie Van Lowe - *g*
Wallace Fennel/Warren Mears - Icky!

Beecher/Stella Bonasera - ...um.
Booker/LJ Burrows - They totally have the same attitude.
Logan Cale/Cassidy Casablancas - Hm. Hm... They're actually the same age, even though Logan was like thirty. Thanks to the wonder of shows in the future! And I think they'd totally get along.
Brian Cassidy/Quentin Cross - HAHA. Cross'd kill him.
Leo D'Amato/Tony DiNozzo - God yes.
Eddie Drake/Eames - I could actually see him chasing her.
Logan Echolls/Charlie Eppes - Erm, NO.
Don Eppes/Wallace Fennel - See above, re: NO.
Flack/Garrity - I think Flack'd go for someone who actually had a brain. But that's just me.
Johnny Gavin/Tommy Gavin - ...let's just ignore that, shall we?
Goren/Colby Granger - Er. Errrrr. No.
Hawkes/Hodges - that'd be kind of awesome.
Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie/Keith Mars - ...let's ignore that one too.
Veronica Mars/Cassie McBain - HAH. They'd totally kill each other with the snark.
Cliff McCormack/Jimmy McGloin - I can see it! Jimmy gets arrested for going off on one of his psycho spiels, and Cliff represents him! Hee.
Warren Mears/Danny Messer - Er. Only if Danny didn't know Warren was psychotic.
Sean Murphy/Ryan O'Reily - MEANT 2 BE! MEANT 2 BE!
Penhall/Greg Sanders - Oh God. It would work, but everyone else would want to shoot them.
Seely/Mike Silletti - Heh. Seely'd hurt him.
Nick Stokes/Buffy - I actually read a fic with them. Not quite a ship, but them bonding over being buried alive. It was awesome.
River Tam/Kate Todd - Heh.
Vinnie Van Lowe/Bug - OMG. That would rock!

Ugh. I'm so tired. I wanna go to bed. But at the same time, I want to watch some TV! Oh, why must I be so conflicted?
Tags: fanfiction, memes

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