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In which I resemble people I've never heard of.

Check THIS out, man.

According to that website, short-hair!me is..
55% like Steven Soderbergh
46% like Julia Roberts
44% like Michael Moore
42% like Jon Voight
41% like Courtney Cox

A picture of longest-it's-ever-been-hair!me gets this:
51% like Ursula Andress
48% like Goran Persson
45% like Kalevi Sorsa
42% like William Wyler
41% like Marion Jones

Medium-hair!me (the one in my icon) gets this:
65% like the Dalai Lama (WTF?!?!)
51% like Roy Orbison
49% Benoit Mandelbrot
42% like Hilary Duff (WTF?!?!)
42% like Nicole Kidman
41% like Camilla Parker Bowles
Tags: weirdness

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