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My NCIS reactions + that 'list of lust' meme goin' 'round.

Spoilers for the latest NCIS episode, "Head Cases".

New Ehnsis! And it's totally titled “Head Case”, which makes me sad for Head Cases. *sad*

DUDE. This reminds me of that 21 Jump Street episode - “America, What a Town”.

I love the music. PERFECT.

Motorcycle accident in Baltimore was Tony's first decapitation.

Aw, look, Ziva!backstory AND nice!Tony!

HAH! Abby miming wiping off her nose to Jimmy!

“So... white meat or dark? ...

“Only Naomi and I call him that.” OMG!

HONEYBUNS! And Tony smacks himself.

“I hate lawyers.” I know, Tony, I know.

Oh no. Tony's going to be- yep, totally wrong. BWAH.

Tony, quit flirting.

She's got to be evil. Tony was flirting with her.

The guy in interrogation right now looks kind of like Tony from the side.

Aaah, parking lots.

It comes from a machine? Okay then.

Wouldn't messing with a dead body be a misdemeanor? Ah, yes, my experience with the CSI New York episode “Crimes and Misdemeanors” informs me that yes, indeed, 'tis but a Ms. D.

The dead guy reminds me of Gibbs for some reason.

“If the glue sticks.”
“Shoe fits.”
She mimes thank you to McGee, and Tony's all 'she never does that to me'!

“However, we do believe in luck.”

OMG, I swear to God that the TWoP thread was JUST talking about the show having no mention of JAG, or the court stuff. And TADA!

“Why doesn't Tony just sleep with her? ...What? It's a valuable interrogation technique!”
“I've done it before.”

What's Tony looking at? He's so weird.

“Actually more like his head?”
“Found it in a car trunk.”
Something about that amuses me.

I bet Martin's dead.

Check the coffins, PLEASE!


“You thinking what I'm thinking, McGee?”
“Yeah, we just walked into an episode of the X-Files.”

“Open that up, Probie.”
“No, you do it!”
“Who's the senior field agent?”
“IN THIS ROOM, who's the senior field agent?”

HAH, McGee totally freaked Tony out on purpose.

Aw, Gibbs with a kid! Although that girl looks a little old to play with a doll. (I could be saying that because

Ew. EW. He's going to fish teeth out of ashes? Gross.

He's totally blaming Madame Director for putting him on an assignment where he's supposedly looking into a paper mix-up. That amuses me.

“It's okay, Agent Gibbs is a Marine, you know how much Daddy liked them.” HEE.

“I've hit a dead wall.”
And everyone's like 'uh... not the right word'.

“It's in the Carribean.” Aw, his dad went there.

“That's why the old man likes it.”
“Hm, sounds suspicious.”
Tony glowers.

“Well, at least I wasn't afraid to open a cooler.”
“I wasn't afraid to open a cooler-”
Gibbs smacks them.
“Shutting up, boss.”


Whoa, is Abby upside down? Yep! HEE! DOING YOGA!

“There's really no foreplay with you is there, Gibbs?”
“What, you been talking to my ex-wives again?”

“...Except that it looks like this guy did an episode of 'Trading Spaces' with SATAN.”

HEE! Abby's right behind her! And Ziva doesn't miss a beat when Abby speaks up! That's perfect.


“So it IS witchcraft!”
“No, McGee, it's voodoo!”

And Tony starts “Sleepless is Seattle”. “That was about voodoo?” “No, but the first time I saw it, scared the beejeezus out of me!”

“In retrospect, 'major' might've been an overstatement.”

“Do you have to go to the bathroom?”

I love how everyone swarms around Abby, except Tony, who keeps leaning against her desk.

“Either that, or he just really likes to touch stuff.” Hee!

“I don't think that... would he?”

“What does your gut tell you?”
“That I never want to be cremated.”

Oh noez. Hee! This is so meta. SO meta.

“She isn't the new...”
“Uh huh.”

She totally has the boxes already waiting. That's sweet.

“Was it drugs?”
“More along the lines of human sacrifice.”

“I'm supervising.”

“Hey Gibbs!”

“What a coincidence, I was just about to put my boot up your-”

“Tony, go on. Supervise.” And Tony grabs his magazine.

She just kicked him in the ass! HAHA!

“You know what that means?”
“Nope, you?”

“What kind of knucklehead uses a word like obfuscating? Pickle head.”

And an alarm goes off!

“Bad idea!”
“Bad-” shakes head.

I love this show.

“You know what this reminds me of?”
“One of your stupid movies?”
“No, my uncle Vincenzo's shop on Long Island. He's a butcher.”

“Shelves lined with body parts were 'not bad'?”

“Ah, the slow rot or the fast burn. Neither, thanks.” Tony wants to be cyrogenically frozen? Kick ass! Me too!

“We had a saying in Europe: whatever Gibbs doesn't know...”
“Can't hurt him.”
“Nope. Can't hurt US.”

Lefties ALWAYS kill! And/or butcher.

“When you see the director, thank her for me.” SWEET!

“Would it be inappropriate, as director, for me to go in there and slap that smile off of her face?”
“Yeah, it would, but that's what you have me for.”
I actually didn't hate MD that scene. Odd.

“It doesn't, but at least now we know that he was left handed.”

“Sean, he's bating you.”
“Let him, Simon.”

I love Abby! And Tony's expression.

“I found him!”
“We! We found him!”

“No. He's one of them.” BWAHA!


Ruh roh. That guy's an evil one We all know it.

Human body's worth up to 200K? SWEET. I'm a-selling me some dead folk!

“Wow. This [one of the arms] could pay off my college loans.”
“Don't give me cause to check your car front tonight, Mr. Palmer.”

“SCUMMY ambulance chaser!” I love that insult. Neva gets old.

I love Gibbs' little grin. He's so cute when he grins.

The mom looks kind of like Courtney Cox Arquette. Creepy. Or is it really her? Naw. Can't be.

Aw. I almost wish Gibbs would get together with her.

Aw. Gibbs totally gave her a Navy response. I think. And I'm not about to ask my dad for clarification.

Next week, on an all-new NCIS: whoops, it's a rerun. So instead we get a promo for a rerun on Numb3rs. Mwaha. (A rerun of an episode I haven't yet seen, though, so it's okay by me.)

Ground Rules: Name your Top 20 List Of Lust, in no particular order. Your neighbor or grade school teacher doesn't count. The list can be male, female or mixed. They can be real life celebrities or characters in a movie or TV show. For example, you might want to gag Mariska Hargitay, while still lusting after Butchy McFabulous Olivia Benson. Tag 5 people on your flist to do this meme.

1. Matt Seely (CJ)
2. Tony DiNozzo (NCIS)
3. Sheriff Lamb (VM)
4. Deputy Leo (VM)
5. Ryan O'Reily (Oz)
6. Brian Cassidy (SVU)
7. Miguel Alvarez (Oz)
8. Colby Granger (#s)
9. Don Eppes (#s)
10. Dennis Booker (21JS)
11. Doug Penhall (21JS)
12. Lindsey McDonald (Angel)
13. Wesley Wyndham-Pryce (Angel)
14. Mr. Cross (She Spies)
15. David Hodges (CSI)
16. Bobby Dawson (CSI)
17. Danny Messer (CSI New York)
18. Don Flack (CSI New York)
19. Sheldon Hawkes (CSI New York)
20. Alec (Dark Angel)

21. Captain Deakins (LOCI)
22. LJ Burrows (Prison Break)
23. Mike Silletti (RM)
24. Lash (Sky High)
25. Greg Sanders (CSI)

And because it looked like a fun idea, a break down of what the characters are (including alternates).

Cops/detectives/captain/deputies/sheriffs: 8
Federal agents: 4 (incl. Cross, since he works for the gov't)
CSIs/lab techs (incl. CSIs who are detectives): 5
Prisoners: 2
Runaway teenagers fighting conspiracies: 2 (Alec counts)
Lawyers/employed by law firm: 2
Firefighters: 1
Teenage supervillain bullies: 1

I tag... EVERYONE! Who hasn't yet done it. So, all two of you.
Tags: memes, ncis, quotes, tv

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