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"If you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras."

Spoilers for the latest CSI.

“Due to mature THEME”? Only one? What?

Hoorah for dust storms!

And Nicky looks very hot with the hair like that and the bandanna.

“All they are is-”
“Dust in the wind.”
I love it when someone else takes Grissom's wind. So to speak.

No Hodges this episode.

EW! That was really gross. Like, just made the top ten grossest moments for me.

I love Sara's “...what?”

Hee, Sara needs more scenes with New DNA Gal.

“Where you at right now?”
“On the train to Crazyville.”


Like everyone doesn't know who that is. WE WATCH THE PREVIEWS, DUMBASSES. It's not the shock you want if it's plastered on every commercial break.

Oh, gross. Do you really need to look at pictures of lobotomies.

I love Grissom's shocked look.

“Nothing sounds good in German.” Hee! True, too.

Haha, I totally saw dead girl's throat move.

Grissom, I really REALLY doubt you're supposed to release that sort of information. Especially to mothers of the deceased.

GREGGO! Looking especially fine. And did Catherine dye her hair? It totally wasn't as blonde before.

Greggo needs a haircut.

“You'd be surprised at how many people want a pharmaceutical lullaby.”
“No, I wouldn't.” Ditto, Cath.

Hotel California! Hee.

“A hand in the desert is worth two in the bush.”
“Well, all we have is a hand.”
“Okay, Grissom.” Heh.

I love Nicky giving the LVPD types instructions. He's so hot when he's in charge.

Ew, Nicky, don't sniff the dirt! That's gross.

Well, that's a stark contrast to the flower house.

I bet tha- oh, hello Lady Heather.

I bet she's investigation on her own, which is just plain stupid, since she is no Veronica Mars (actually, if I'm remembering right, she's a transvestite married to a parole officer, but that's just me being a complete loser).

This plot makes me want to watch Dark Angel.

Spit DOES make it easier to tear paper. I know this too!

Plus he's named Wolfowitz.

Uh oh, Wolfie's ded! I'm hoping Lady Heather didn't do it.

EW! I don't need an even more in-depth autopsy scene, complete with dust when the ribs break.

Maybe he has a twin?

How come they get an actual garage when the Aurora PD's got a lot that doesn't even have a gate?

Whoa, she totally slept with that dude.

He DOES have a twin. Toldja.

Dude. I just realized that New DNA Gal looks sort of like a female Archie. Like, I think something in the eyes/nose? Well, okay

“I have a question. How do you have sex with the man who killed your daughter?”
“Revenge is an act of passion.”


Occam's Razor. “If you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras.”


So where are numbers 2-17, anyway?

Oh, ew. That's not right.

My mac'n'cheese tastes a little like eggs. It's a little gross.

There's only six minutes left, are they planning on wrapping it up any time soon?

Thank you, CSI, for the vision of a girl gnawing her own arm off.

And I so guessed that the dude had used the numbers off the clock for branding purposes.

And oh, look, it's Lady Heather's necklace. This at least explains the long close-up on it earlier.

Grissom kind of looks like a jackass while driving. He alos looks like an idiot while struggling with LH.

Jeez, took 'em long enough to resolve it. And I think I'm going to slap my dumbass of a mother.

I'm starting to think I should keep a running tally of how many times during one of these I reference a show I'm not actually watching. It's gotta be in the hundreds at this point.
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