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Tonight's In Justice and Numb3rs.

Spoilers for the latest In Justice, "Cost of Freedom".

Welcome to an all new In Justice! I will be your host for the night, the non-homicidal Lee!

Ah, shotguns. Those are always useful!

My TV screen just got a little darker.

Hey, one of the evil people sounds kind of like Dean Winters. I doubt that it IS him, though. That would be too cool.

Okay, am I the only person whose bank DOESN'T have ANY glass in it?

Kid at the computer looks a little bit like Haley Joel Osment.

And wow, that website looks like it was put together by a middle schooler.

“It's not about what we want, it's about what's best for California.”

FATHER? FAAAAAAAAAAAAATHEEEEEEEER? OMG. They even sort of look alike. Good casting.

And Swain totally started an underground newspaper! I love him.

“Uh, David...”

The kid is SO cute.

“Briana's got a... moped.” Hee.

Oh noez. Swain with a little kid, this won't end well. You can tell by the goofy music.

“Don't... touch that.”

“But nothing is ever a six year old's fault.” Aw.

Aw, kid, lemme give you a hug. Such a sweetie. Sigh.

See, Swain's just a big softie!

“I just haven't had much luck with lawyers.”
“Me neither.”

“...it's a cool name, by the way.”

“Two eyewitnesses who AREN'T eyewitnesses.”

So, is this Dameon guy, is he a part of Swain's attempt to

“So you don't need me anymore.”
“No, we don't. But we can always use someone to answer phones.”

“David Swain. That's a good color on you.”

ECHO! Echo echo echo echo ECHO!

Aw, Conti. He's the one with the people skills.

Hee! Bubba and Sonya are gossiping about Brianna and Conti. I love it.

“Office love affair?”

Hee. I could actually get behind a Bubba/Brianna pairing on this show. Even though I think they act like siblings. Heck, I could even get behind Sonya/Conti and Swain/Victoria!

Ick. Damie, get out of the argyle.

TADA! Three months AFTER the dude was arrested!

Gotta respect a guy who blackmails his father into supporting him.

HAHA! I love Bubba gets all up-in-arms about The One's nickname.

“Oh, and Tyler phoned.”
“The kid, David, the kid.'

The bureau chief of the ATF? Sweet.

“Thanks for the benefit of the doubt, Ted.”
“My name is Elliot.”
“Oh, how'd I get Ted?”
Conti shrugs.

“You gonna back off?”
“You kidding?”

“What? Oh, wait, was there a church in the background?”

“Bank robberies, then crimes against humanity.”

HAHA! Conti is EVIL. And I love how everyone laughs after the kid goes off.

“Well, that's because Mr. Conti is a big troublemaker.” Oh, Swain, I love you.

Aw, I like this kid. He makes me think of Beecher's son – you know, the one who died. Or maybe the one who didn't. Still.

“I'm working out here.”
“I need you to work IN here, please.”

“If he couldn't see the plate, how'd he get the numbers?”

Aw! See, I can get behind this ship.

Wait. I thought their argument that it WASN'T Paul's truck the guy saw. So he WOULD be able to see the back of the truck. I am SO lost.

Haha, they're such voyeurs.

“It's not easy, is it? It's almost easier not to care.” Aw, Swain.

I bet the ATF's doing it. Those tricky bastards.

“Why? Because we're being naughty.”

BWAHA! To everyone out on the balcony porch thing.

“Look, we're not in high school. He's not your teacher, and with what we're being paid, he's barely your boss.” HEE!

Hey, Swain's dad just called the cool bookends ghastly! Jackass.

“Did you ever love me?” Aw, Swain.

But the room IS bugged! Hee.

“Now, why would I do that?”

“David, we should-” moves his eyes around.


Aha, so this is based off of a real case, only with the fibbies instead of the ATF? Interesting.

He's watching NASCAR. Of course he's watching NASCAR. That's what all white supremacists do when they're not killing folk.

“I'm Conti. Let's talk.” Oooh, bad-ass!Conti! That's hot.

And then he goes whining to the ATF. Haha.

So- wait, what, was he then being used as an informant against the ATF itself? What? Confused.

SWEET! The guy's only being saved from the death penalty so that the corrupt ATF guy would get his.

“I made the country safer. What did you do?”
“I got an innocent man out of prison.”

See, this is what I hate about myself: I see both points of view. And I may actually sympathize more with the ATF guy, although I can't help but think that there had to be SOME other way to stop the 300+ deaths beside putting an innocent guy in prison.

Aw, I love that Conti's all 'small secretive smile over Swain actually having a heart'.

“Wanna piece of gum?”
“No thanks.”

Aw. I'm actually tearing up, I think.

I love how the kid keeps pulling both of his parents together. And I love that they didn't just forget her new husband.

Aw, and Swain got hugged by the kid. He looked so awkward, but it was adorable.

“Are you okay?”
“I don't want to go to the releases anymore.” Aw, Swain! *huggles*

Next week, on In Justice: They've got seven days to stop an execution! Kick ass.

Spoilers for the Numb3rs episode "Obsession".

Haha, I love Charlie's outfit. And I love them chatting as they get out of the car and ignoring the cameras.

“He's a famous mathematician! Get your vogue on, Charlie.”

“...and then dead bunnies.” *snort*

Aw, total Larry/Megan flirtage. They are SO cute.

I prefer sticks over auto.

Okay, I am now ALL about David/Colby.

HEE! Cereal boxes!

“And for some reason, they won't let us move the walls of the ACTUAL house.”

“That's probably because neither one of you can read a blueprint.”


Dude, this SO reminds me of my photo class.

Dude. It's always the service folk who are the stalkers. Remember CSI?

Megan's totally crushing on Larry. Sweet.

“Are we trying to solve the case, or are we trying to win a Nobel prize?”

There's no Nobel prize for math? Wicked. In the bad way, I mean.

Fan of his hair! Someone from TWoP totally wrote that letter.

Oooh. Colby v. hot. VERY hot. He should wear jeans and that jacket more often.

Commercial: “Why a woman had a human skull in her luggage, tonight at ten!” Um, because she was starring in Bones? Heh.

Hey, I recognize that guy with the camera. I think he played a rapist on SVU. But then, who hasn't?

Six hours just to get a picture? Shit. I could never be a paparazzi. Or a PI.

OOOH! This IS the golf episode!

“Hey! 'FORE', jackasses!”

I love that Colby, who looks like a total meathead jock, golfs. That is awesome.

I love how Colby said “About the DEAD photographer we found up on Mulholland Hill.”

FISH! I wanna work on FISH.

Megan and Larry are SO perfect for each other. I love the little look Larry gave her.

“Laugh riot.” Hey, I thought it was!

“You know I've always said, handwriting......... it's like gymnastics.” *snort* He's a loser.

Dude, Colby got a haircut in between scenes!

I love how Colby actually looks like he understands Charlie's babbling.

And Colby grins at Charlie's anonymous letter! I bet he sent it.

“Don't you think that's from Amita?”
“No... because I've already compared her writing to it.”

Colby looks weird with short hair.

I love that Don just called her 'the girl'.

“You think I'm unapproachable?” HAHA, CHARLIE!

I still bet that Colby sent it. I will stick with that no matter what happens.

“Spherical astronomy.” I love how they said it at the same time!

This location-searching makes me totally think of Minority Report. Because I'm a loser.

North American Sundial Society? God, I don't even WANT to know.

Whoa, 3D trippiness!

I WANT Colby's sunglasses.

WHOA. That was TRIPPY.

I love his response to Megan asking if he went both ways.

Hm. This plot is familiar. I don't know why.

He's kind of psychotic.

Megan really likes the word bitch, don't she?

So, wait. SHE killed the photographer?

I'm sorry, girlie, but I can't sympathize with you. First of all, you became famous of your own volition. Second of all, you could have maybe chosen a house that wasn't so accessible to photographers. Oh, and last of all, maybe you shouldn't date TOTAL ASSES. Just an idea.

“Besides, you haven't figured out what to do with the girl you already know about.”


So. Tomorrow it's looking like it won't get very warm at all - like, at all at all, so hopefully we'll be doing indoors PT. Like basketball or something. That would rawk. A bunch of us were suggesting doing basketball for PT last week.

The schedule looks like this: Officer Safety, Firearms Safety, Lunch, ACT (no idea what that is), PT. That's all. Safety classes are going to take up the entire morning. Fun.

Someone remind me to get an In Justice icon.
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