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Where should I oughta live, yo?

1: Worcester, Massachusetts
2: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
3: Providence, Rhode Island
4: Hartford, Connecticut
5: Boston, Massachusetts
6: New Haven, Connecticut
7: Chicago, Illinois
8: Baltimore, Maryland

9: Portland, Oregon
10: Eau Claire, Wisconsin

11: Oshkosh-Appleton/Neenah, Wisconsin
12: Danbury, Connecticut
13: Madison, Wisconsin
14: Green Bay, Wisconsin
15: Washington, District of Columbia
16: Cambridge, Massachusetts
17: Stamford-Norwalk, Connecticut
18: Oak Park, Illinois
19: Sheboygan, Wisconsin
20: La Crosse, Wisconsin
21: Eugene, Oregon
22: Salem, Oregon
23: Cape Cod, Massachusetts
24: Little Rock, Arkansas

WTF is up with all the Wisconsin results? What about me screams Cheesehead? I'm happy about Boston, Chicago, and Baltimore all being in my top five, though. Now all I need to do is actually visit Boston and Chicago (thankfully I've been to Balmer lots; mostly the harbor, but still counts).

DUDES! X-Files is totally on.
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