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Hoorah for television!

Totally am rewatching the CJ episode "Blue Moon" on A&E right now - 1.30AM. I also watched the "14 Children and Pregnant Again!" thing on TLC (you know, on the Duggar family), and I so need a boyfriend because I was thinking the oldest boy in the family was pretty cute. *bangs head against wall*

"Oh, gee, your own stupid pet trick."
"You wouldn't happen to know any songs about taking a dump, would you?"

Oh, I FORGOT how much I love old Matt! I mean, I love recent Matt too, but retro Matt is hilarious!

"The moon's in Uranus."
"Uh, something like that."

And then Matt walks by in the background going "Here kitty kitty, here kitty..." and Jordan and Bug shoot him a '...' look.

"I'm a big girl, I can handle myself."
"Jordan, he's a psychopath!"
"And I'm not?"

Santana is totally the Hispanic version of a Jordan who actually took the test. (Re: "You wanna be a detective? Take the test.") I mean, even with the smoking/bonding with serial killers!

I wanna know what else Matt's done that puts together the bad luck thing. I'm so writing pre-"Blue Moon" fic, yo.

Aw. Matt looked SO CUTE right then, when Lily offered to have them take shifts looking for the cat. So adorable. I think I died from the cute.

I really like this scene when they come up on the abandoned church place. The lighting + the song work BRILLIANTLY for me. One of the many reasons that "Blue Moon" is among my favorite episodes.

Huh. The journals in the abandoned church remind me so much of the Manning family (nah nah nah nah *snap snap*). Liek woah.

And hey, I always forget that Woody was a little bit psychopathic even back before the whole shooting thing. Heh.

And AW! Sleepy Matty! AAAAWWW...

"Nigel? I couldn't be less interested."

And I love the real ending, with Jordan teasing Woody. Aw. Remember when they were all light-hearted?

Now I'm off to do one of many things: make icons, read fics, write fics, read an actual book, or go to bed. Bet on the reading or writing options, not too much on the others.

Oh, and in random other information? Those really big puffy winter coats? Terribly warm, and they don't get overwarm when you wear them indoors, either. The only real downside is that they're so huge it's hard to do much when you're in them. But I still love mine - I was totally using it as a blanket earlier, because it covers about 2/3rds of my body.
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