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"What happened to your vacation? Actually, I don't care."

Spoilers for the latest In Justice.

Hm, well, I guess I should just be glad that they didn't title this episode 'The Burning Man'. That would have been a LITTLE much.

So... wait. It says that March 30th is the execution day, and Brianna's talking like it's one week away. So it's like a month forward in time. Interesting.

...where the hell is Swain?

“Fire a few interns!” That as an idea of a good time. Hee.

HAHA. They are totally Googling Conti – well, cheap lame ass Google, anyway.

“When did you start calling him Charlie?” Hey! It's that guy from last week! Heh. (I now want to see slash between him and Bubba.)

Aw, she reminds me of Sister Pete. Only... different race. Heh. I need to quit using 'heh'.

I wouldn't mind Conti getting with her – oh, wait, right. 'Sister'. That means celibate. Damn.

Sniff. Reminds me of Cyril. SNIFF.

Heh, New Guy and Bubba shared a look! Twu wuv.

Damien! That's his name! I should remember that, my firstest bestest friend was named Damien!

Aw, total flirtage.

I love how the Sister is all “Did you?” like she's interested. Only not. Mwah.

“Is that a... tree stump?”

HAH. And the security guard realizes where he went wrong.

BUBBA! I love you. “Did you kill him?” Right like that.

I thought he was going to say black, not retarded. Which... may have been the point.

I love how shocked she is at “The PROSTITUTES?”

Hey, Swain's dating Tina Fey!

HEE! Everyone's sleeping in Swain's office!

“Mr. Swain, how are you?”
“You have a secret life I don't know about?”

“This just fell on our laps, David.”

Aw, Bubba's jacket and shirtsleeves are a little long for him. So cute.

“Uh, we don't carry badges.”

“Thought with a name like 'Duffy' I might be some help.”

“Actually, that's a lie. It's not hard, I'm just lazy.”

Haha! I want a nun on my side, damn!

SWAIN! “David?” HAHA!

“What happened to your vacation? Actually, I don't care.”

“Good work kid. What's your name again?”
“Good-bye, David.”

What, no lektricity? Damn. That's how I would... not want to go.

I like that the guards seem to almost like the guy.

So did they take the computer to specialists, or could they do that themselves?

And he kicks something.

“They think this is all last-minute evidentiary scrambling!”
“They're right.”

Aw, Bubba and Brianna have sleeping bags next to each other.

Aw, Brianna. Aw.

“Last I knew, that spelled 'eat'.”

AW. As I've said before, I could get behind a Conti/Sonya pairing.

He's doing the cop-lean. Conti, Conti, don't be doing that.

So, wait. The chick helping abused chicks is a killer? Wha? I'm confused.

That's... not the room I'd choose to be governmentally murdered in.

Hector? Where's Bootsy and Thumper, then? (Sorry!)

HAH! To the guy trying to slide away on one of those... things you use to go under cars.

Shit. Swain's bullshitting is failing him. Damn!

Aw. I think I'm starting to cry. Damn these emotional shows! Damn them!

...he's being executed at midnight? The fuck is with that? Is that typical procedure?

...waitaminute. I think that the Father guy was played by Tommy from Wanted. That is really effing creepy.


NO! Damn it, you stupid sonuvabitch justice!

Who are all the other people witnessing it? Press members, maybe?

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm crying right now. I don't care how unrealistic it may be, I didn't ever want them to have a client die. Never. Especially one like that, who was so sweet.

In other news, I finally made an In Justice icon. Sniff.
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