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Precollege programs for this summer

Mostly for my use, although some of my fellow American high schoolers may want to check out the links (...do I have any American high schoolers on my flist? Do I have high schoolers at all?). And I wouldn't mind opinions from the rest of y'all, neither.

Boston University
Columbia University
University of Pennsylvania

I don't know what I'd take at BU, I don't know what's being offered at Penn yet (although the four-week intensive study in forensic science looks kickass), but at Columbia I'd do the 'Leadership in Law' thing. I'd be 100% happy in any of the locations - Boston and New York City are two cities I've always wanted to check out (I've never been to Boston and I was only in NYC for a few hours and was sick most of the time), and I know I love Penn's campus. Like, seriously love. Scarily love. (Which is why I'm currently leaning towards Penn + forensics right now, even though it wouldn't be for college credit.)
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