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Rugby practice!

Just got back from the first rugby practice of the year. A lot of new girls - like, over half of the people who showed up were new! Including my fellow prop and the two second-rowers - who are actually the same height, so it looks like the scrums won't kill me ded!

Tomorrow we're going to watch a game. I'm trying to decide whether we should watch my World Cup 2003 Wales vs. New Zealand, or one of the two American colliegiate championships (mens and womens). I'm leaning towards the first, because it's always best to watch the professionals. Plus, Shane Williams. Mm, Shane.

In the meantime, my feet are cold. I did find my DVD case, though, so now I'll be trying to talk myself out of watching Rescue Me (I was listening to the Von Bondies on the ride home, and "C'mon C'mon" always makes me want to watch some crazy cursing firemen, yo).
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