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I'm totally rambling about X-Files all over the place.

I'm tired.

And need to quit reading Mulder/Krycek slash.

I mean, I've never even seen an episode with Krycek in it! (Well, I have vague memories of one, there was car being blown up, and I think Krycek was involved, but I don't know!)

*suddenly starts choking* OMG! According to tnt.tv, "The Red and the Black" - aka, the episode where Krycek kisses Mulder - airs a week from now! *flails*

Speaking of X-Files, the episode I'm watching right now is in all black and white. Blanco y negro. DUDE. I totally know Spanish.

This entire entry just goes to prove that I should go to bed. Now. And NOT read Mulder/Krycek kidfic, and ESPECIALLY NOT Mulder/Krycek mpreg. I mean, dude! I'm supposed to be normal.

...hah, sorry, I had to laugh there.

You know, I really hope this episode is in black and white, and that it's not just my TV screwing up, or me doing some sort of reverse-John-doe thing, or whatever.

But damn it, I had to become a Mulder/Krycek fan, didn't I? One of the few times I get into a show and initially like the main pairing, the one everyone else is rabid over, and I instantly switch to the first slash I run into.

To continue the theme of 'random stuff related to the X-Files'... The first time I ever heard of the X-Files or anything to do with it? My dad had the theme as the start-up sound on his computer. I would wake up every day to that noise. (Which is probably why I never got why it was creepy to some people - it's comforting to me! Like sirens. But that's weirder.)
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