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Rugby, sigh.

So. Turns out that I won't be able to play with Highlands Ranch after all. Isn't that great? I figure I'll try Cherry Creek, since I am technically in their school district. Damn it. Why can't the HS girls have a general 'Aurora' team like the boys do? That would make it so much easier.

Stupid administrators at stupid Highlands Ranch. Stupid.

Of course, there's also the question of whether a properly run team - Highlands Ranch's team was a little bit on the not-so-professional side - would take me, questions of where I go to school aside. I mean, I can't do anything on Fridays or Saturdays, and I can't do anything directly after school because of the nice long commute I've got from my school to pretty nearly anywhere else. Plus how unathletic I am. Le sigh. I'll talk to my mother when she gets back from where ever she went.

Haha. I'm watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and Goren is totally mimicking a guy they're talking to. I mean, not even subtley! Hilarious. I love it. Martinez from Oz is in this episode, too, as a prisoner. Which amuses me.
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