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I have FAR too many fandoms.

Taken from fangirl1981

My 3 favorite characters for all my fandoms. What I consider a fandom of mine is entirely arbitrary - I'm not including Harry Potter because I find myself bored by it at this point, but I'm including fandoms that have only one or two fics, and no discussions, because I'm finicky like that.

1. Ryan O'Reily
2. Miguel Alvarez
3. Jazz Hoyt/Liam Meaney (tie, not ship)

1. Brian Cassidy
2. Casey Novak
3. John Munch

Criminal Intent
1. James Deakins
2. Bobby Goren
3. Alex Eames

1. David Hodges
2. Greg Sanders
3. Bobby Dawson

1. Sheldon Hawkes
2. Danny Messer
3. Don Flack

1. Tony DiNozzo
2. Abby Scuito
3. Tim McGee

Veronica Mars
1. Cassidy Casablancas
2. Leo D'Amato
3. Don Lamb

Crossing Jordan
1. Matt Seely
2. Bug
3. JD Pollack

1. Colby Granger
2. Don Eppes
3. Larry Fleinhardt

Rescue Me
1. Johnny Gavin
2. Mike Silletti
3. Sean Garrity

21 Jump Street
1. Doug Penhall
2. Dennis Booker
3. Adam Fuller

Dark Angel
1. Alec
2. Logan Cale
3. Sketchy/Normal (tie, not ship, although I do ship them)

In Justice
1. Charles Conti
2. Bubba Jon
3. David Swain

1. Eddie Drake
2. Jimmy McGloin
3. Rodney Gronbeck

1. Aaron Tyler
2. Jaye Tyler
3. ...Aaron Tyler again. (I love him!)

X-Men (movie)
1. St. John Allerdyce
2. Scott Summers
3. Bobby Drake

X-Men (evo)
1. Jamie Madrox
2. Pietro Maximoff
3. Scott Summers

1. Fox Mulder
2. Alex Krycek
3. Dana Scully

Dark Lord of Derkholm/Year of the Griffin
1. Flury
2. Blade
3. Felim

Chrestomanci Quartet
1. Charles Morgan
2. Cat
3. Dan Smith
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