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Rugby and MD's hairstyle

So, I've got a new team! A team that's a combo of East, Cherry Creek, and Regis. Oh yes. Srsly. As in: Regis, who hasn't had a girl's side; Creek, who won all of a single game last season; and East, who won zero games. Finally, a team that matches my skill level! Um, ignore that.

Of course, it's more professionally run. As in, practices are Monday-Wednesday-Thursday, 3.30-5.30. The six hours of working out should help me with the academy, though. I bet you I'll even be FIT by the end of April! Scary thought, I know. Oh, and we practice with the guys' team. Oh yeah. I get to make a fool of myself six hours a week in front of a bunch of cute guys. TYPICAL! (On the other hand: mm, cute rugby guys!)

I start tomorrow. Hoo boy.

(PS: I seem to have unconciously based my new haircut off of Madame Director's. Shiiiiit.
Tags: ncis, rugby

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