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"Happy birthday McGee! It's a bagel!"

Spoilers for the latest Ehnsis.

FIRE! FIIIIIIIRE! Fire fun. "...or at least he was before he deployed himself through the windshield." BWAHA!

Ambulance go boom.

I love this theme song. I love it even more than VM's.

TONY! Quit flirting with coworkers.

"I know where you're going with this, and the answer is... no."
"What's the question?"
"Have I no shame?"

"Happy birthday McGee! It's a bagel!"
"It's... not my birthday."

Haha, I loved that.

"Are you saying Bambi killed this Marine, Ducky?" Killed by Bambi is so going to be my band's name.

Why the hell is Tony singing? I think he lost it.

"Oooh, what's that?"
"Looks like an iPod."

Tony needs to quit snooping. It's not going to end well.

"Why blow up a dead guy?" I love the way he said that.

"OW! What was that for?!"
"Alerting DiNozzo."

I love it when Abby uses personification.

"So... maybe... I should get back to work?"

"Yeah, that would be the problem."

"You wanted to see me, Duck?"
"Well, yes."
"Then why do you looked surprised to see me?"
"Because I haven't told you that I wanted to see you."

"That, my dear Jethro, is the mystery."

B/W flash: Great. Tony gets blown up again?

I can't believe Tony's listening to McGee's iPod.

"Not saying you need me. Need's a bad word." BWAHA!

"So, you're the director's slave?" She grins at him and then loses the grin REAL fast. Heh. I like the secretary.

"Frankly, I'm using that connection. Wouldn't you?"
"He would."

"Bull." I like it when MD curses. Otherwise... HATE.

"Call me Ishmael." HAHA, ZIVA!

HAHA. That reminds me of Zaid calling me 'sir' on our way to our last practical Saturday. That was hilarious. I stopped, glowered at him, and went "...'sir'?" He immediately backtracked and said m'am.

"Feel free to elaborate."

Tony playing basketball! And rocking at it! And then he hurt himself.

"A little looser, please. My toes have gotten used to the whole blood thing - circulation."

Tony doesn't like his thunder being stolen.

"I don't think I'll be able to walk on it-" Gibbs yanks him up. "Look at that, it's a miracle!"

"Always wanted to get one of those until I found out that they didn't come with the barrel of whiskey around their necks."

Tony's hopping on one foot.

And they all go immediately to attention when MD comes in! Haha!

"Gibbs is not going to like this." *fake cough*

And Tony's shaking his head as Ziva and McGee keep talking. "*cough*WRONG*cough*"

Speed-limping! I am well-versed in that.

"Ziva caved first-"
"I wouldn't say-"
"And then McGee-"
"And my loyal St. Bernard held out to last. Probably all of thirty seconds."

"Shall we dance?" Mm. Please!

"I'll just have to content myself with being the... righter one."
"Hah hah."

Windshield taste-test? Tony, I love you.


"I'm not really here."
"Do you know how long I've been waiting to cross over into another dimension?"

Her favorite origami webring? *snort*

"Any chance we could read the-"
"Any chance we could read the-" Turns back to MD.
"Call logs?"
"Call logs?"

"I have a better chance of getting McGee to wear a Speedo to church."


Stupid MD. Why's she in this episode so much? Or at all? I think I may hate Lauren Holly, too.

"R-R. Like Ricky Ricardo!"

"Tan, if I meant burnt umber, I would've said burnt umber!"

"But we're not going to give up until we do!"
"Or die trying."
Looks of fear, and silence. Gibbs leaves.
"'Or die trying'? You had to put that idea in his head!"

"It's no wonder DiNozzo is always looking over his shoulder."

And Ducky babbling to himself as Gibbs leaves.

"Can't I at least get a drumroll?"

"SO urban myth!" Haha!

So... it's maybe not a murder after all? Cuhrazy, dawg.

Aw, the buddy gave him a kidney. Aw.

GIBBS! Bad boy!

And then he slaps himself!

HAHA! TONY! Told her it was bush, not tree, and it was really tree.

Commercials: This is the perfect time slot to put Jarhead commericals. Just sayin'.

Next week, on an all new Ehnsis: "People with guns make me nervous." "I noticed." "I was talking about you."
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