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As promised, my views on The Kiss Episode (and the one before it).

"You tell them to kiss my American ass." *spits*

And lo, a love was born!

Except now, he's advocating torture/experimentation of a preteen. I'm... not sure if I can love that. It better be to save someone else, or to save the boy from a worse fate.

What did he steal? And does the clanging door mean that no, Krycek is NOT letting the boy be tortured?

...uh. What? What's with the oil? I AM SO CONFUSED.

Okay, so at least he's helping the kid. For... um, some reason. So I still love him.

Jeffrey Spender looks a little bit like Lee Tergesen. In mannerisms, anyway.

"Well, look who's answering the Batphone."

This is odd. Mulder and Scully just switched places. I'm scared. Hold me!

And now Alex, making out with blondie like he's straight. Oh, Alex.

...weird beginning. Did I just switch channels? Nope, seems that I didn't. BY THE WAY! This is The Kiss Episode. Just so ya know.

So... Scully's dead? I thought Mulder was the one who dies repeatedly. No one ever told me it was a team effort.

...CREEEEPY! All those people staring down. Shudder.

Aw, poor puppy! *hugs* He's all hurt, and still snarks away. Aw.

Aaaah, so THAT'S what Krycek was doing!

Aw. I love this Mulder/Scully scene. M/S as in partnership, not so much 'ship ship.

Whoa. For a second there, when he leaned forward a little, Jeffrey Spender resembled Jason Dohring. Creepeh.

"I can beat you with one hand!"
"Is that how you like to beat yourself?"

Why is he whispering?

That was... far too quick. Damn it. I need more! MOOOORE! Damn. I totally should've recorded this. WHY DID MY STUPID SELF NOT RECORD THIS?! I am disgusted wtih myself.

OVERDRAMATIC YELLING OF 'NOOOOOOOO'! Haha. That's always great fun!

DA SMOKIN' MAN! (Cue overdramatic "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!".) Yeah, whatever. I actually already knew that.

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