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"...you mean, you ripped up my damn floor!"

Spoilers for the latest CSI.

New episode of CSI, and a bowl of Fruit Loops to go with! Mm, Fruit Loops.

Aaah, loverly. A rat corpse. Thank you, CSI. Thank you.

Oh, rats. HEE! I crack myself up.

Dust the chimney for prints? ...okay. One MORE reason for me not to be a CSI, I tell you what.

Aw, Nicky/Greggo game show ref. Aw. I miss the old days.

Greg goes to gym? And does competitive kickboxing?

Greggo needs a haircut. Srsly. He looks like Dom.

Yay for montages. And by yay, I mean 'Get me some Greggo, Bobby, or Hodges, and then I'll pay the fuck attention. Otherwise, SOL'. Montages work better for me on CSI: New York, because I will watch half the cast do anything. Brush their teeth, even. CSI... not so much. I'M SORRY!

Bleach that wood, baby! ...don't ask!

"...you mean, you ripped up my damn floor!"

Haha. The picture looks a little bit like Greggo. That amuses me. You have NO IDEA how much this amuses me.

Hey! Surprise guest appearance by SNICKY! Whoohoo!

HEY! That's not Jacqui! Stupid show.

"Hahahaha. Holy mother." I know this dude is evol and all, but dude. He's hilarious.

Icklie! Yay for Icky! I love Ecklie SO much. Liek woah.

Threepeater? Third-year freshman? Holy hell.

Aaah, the 4.0 rumor! I love that rumor.

HODGES! HOOOOOOOOOODGES! *dies* Now, see, this is the kind of montage I can get behind.

"I hope that's not all you've got." And it SO is.


So... Mr. Sidley killed the girl, then his son came to bother him, so he killed his son? Is that what happened? Or am I SO far from right?

Hey! This is the first time we've seen Grissom all day! Crazy. And I didn't even notice.

Haha, he LOOKS like a Larry, too.

"Lucky sonuvabitch." And then starts smacking his hand. I love that.

Hey, Tad looks like Logan from Gilmore Girls!

Ah, the Telltale Heart. Good times. Goooood times.

Hey, wow, they're actually USING SKETCHES! That rocks!

But WHO'S THE BODY, THEN?! I thought that the crispy critter must've been the dead girl.

CASK OF AMONTILLADO! I love that story, dawg.

And how much does it amuse me that someone was walled up in an episode that has Cyril O'Reily in it?

He's kinda cute. Totally sleazy, but still cute.

I bet the son did it.

Haha, my dad just said "Tad did it" in this amusing little undertone. I love my dad.

Aw. I feel sorry for Tad. I give you hugs, boy-o!

Grr. GRR! They had to bring up Cath being a mother, didn't they? Although she behaved better than usual. So it's okay, writers.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry that we couldn't find your daughter without your help." AW. AW. AAAAWWW.

Next week, on an all new CSI: "It's a reality crime show!"
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