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"Commie." "G-man."

Wow, I loved that episode of In Justice. KICK-ASS. I mean, more than a little cheesy, but still awesome. And a lot more feel-good than the last episode. Unfortunately, did NOT keep a running diary of my reactions.

Spoilers for the latest Numb3rs.

Hoorah for black and white footage! *cheers*

Mm, chemistry. ...what? The bomb filling looks like taco meat! Hand to effing God.

So... how is it that Colby's always the first person on the scene? Does he have no life? Or is it the lowest man of the totem pole dealio? And damn, he looked totally hot. Mm.

I love that the camera focused on a conflicted-looking Colby for a second.

Colby, quit messing with their files! Colby, you and your messing around with organizations.

Aw, Eppes fighting. I sad now.

Math as applied to sociology? Okay then.

I bet Adam dun it. SUSPICIOUSNESS!

Hey, he studied sociology! Awesomeness.

Yay for smart Colby!

"My brother coddled someone, are you sure we're talking about the same Don Eppes here?"


"Why is everyone running?" GEE, COULD IT BE BECAUSE OF THE FREAKING FIRE ALARM? God. It's times like this I dislike Amita; you know, times when she acts like a TOTAL DUMBASS.

Colby. Is. SO. Hot.

I love that Colby and David look like little kids caught up in their parents' argument.

You know, I could almost get behind the Sterling girl/Charlie or /Don.

Aw, Charlie boy.

Aw, Donnie boy.

Haha, DUDE. Look at those crazy stacks of paper, dawg.

I love that Colby totally used college experience to crack the case.

Hooray for Don owning up to bad hunches!

Charlie looked evil right there, talking about the math of relationships.

Sisco is Tom, innit he?

"Why are you such an ass?"


...we're only forty minutes in? Hot damn.

DUN DUN! (And yay for smart Colby again!)

So... we're back to thinking that it's Matty doing the boom-'splosions?

WAIT! I bet that it's the daughter. Hells yeah.

Why does it NOT surprise me that Larry has old maps from '71?

"And with Stirling dead, that effectively eliminates him as a suspect." BWAHA. I love you Colby.

HAHA! I told you it was Adam.

Hey, this reminds me of the arson episode. What with the dead man's switch... or close enough.

...Colby? Why the hell did you tackle the guy? AH! Because Colby knew that it wouldn't go boom! Aw, sweet. I love smart Colby.

Aw, cute flirtage. I like it!

"You know, I'm aware that the bureau has a bad history."
"...is that an apology?"

I love Charlie eavesdropping on the stairs. He's still a little boy. So adorable.


"Red meat, let's eat!"

Next week, on an all-new episode of Numb3rs!: "Are you ready to put your black magic to the test?" "I really should be offended by that."

Had our first game this afternoon. We won! I also got tackled, and wound up with a mouthful of grass and at least five people on top of me. Fuuuuun times. I think I may still have some of the grass in my throat. EDIT: Yeah, just coughed some up. EEEEEW.

Also, added three new icons! Two 21 Jump Street - one of the McQuaids in math class, one of Hansen smacking himself in the head - and one Dark Angel - because I heart Sketchy.
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