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Fall Out Boy & shopping

You know, I don't think Fall Out Boy would be that bad, if they took out one of the guitars and quit having seizures on the stage. There's just too much noise at once - it doesn't sound complex, it sounds like the chaos achieved when a sixth grade band puts the different pieces together for the first time. And I'm truly worried that some of the band has medical conditions. I mean, it really doesn't look good. It's hard for me to get into a song when I'm worried about the lead singer having serious brain damage - although that would explain the "lyrics". Hm.

Tomorrow me and my mum are going to the mall to get me a haircut and get a birthday present for Katie. Hm. Slightly odd sentence. But anyway! That's not the important part. The IMPORTANT part is that I've also got directions to two comic book stores near the mall that say they also sell 'non-sporting cards', which means I'll hopefully be getting my greedy little paws on some Veronica Mars cards RAWK ON.

Haha. "One Way or Another" JUST came on to my iTunes. You have no idea how much the timing amuses me. Of course, I don't want to listen to that right now, so I switched it to Bodyrocker's "I Like the Way", but still.
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