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"Honestly, doctor, I thought moss grew on the south side of trees!"

Spoilers for the latest Ehnsis.

"So what has this bear been eating?"
"...I think maybe people." The look on the ranger's face! AHA!

HAHA! I love Tony. I LOVE TONY. And I love that he actually

"Hurled. Emptied the contents of his stomach onto Ducky's shoes."

"Some of them go on to be our director." HEE!

"Sailor was eaten. By a bear." I love the delivery on that.

Tony doesn't want to go camping? Awesome!

"Oh, I'm a big fan of nature. As long as it's on TV."

Dude-Who-Was-Et ooks a little like Teddy Dunn.

McGeek was a Boy Scout. Why does that NOT surprise me?

"Use your expertise, and go bag and tag the bear poo down there!"

HAHA, TONY! Quit lying. You silly boy.

How does Ziva know about hunting laws, but not anything else?

"She's what we like to call 'opposed to hunting'." Hee! I like you.

"Unless these are Navy issue." BWAHA! I bet more guys would want to join the Navy if that were the case.

"Honestly, doctor, I thought moss grew on the south side of trees!" I LOVE YOU PALMER!

"Don't what?"
"Encourage them. You ever see Deliverance?"
"Well, when you do, remember that I'm Burt Reynolds, and you're Ned Beatty."
So what Tony's saying is that he'd kill for McGeek? Aw!

And then Gibbs pushes Palmer over. Hee.

"You don't know how to say porcupine, but you know the name of the diner in Pulp Fiction?"
I love you.

What the hell was with Ziva's little craziness right there?

And he's Anti-Semetic, too. Joy.

I bet he was already dead when he got et.


Aw, everyone got Abby black roses!

I like the Ziva-Abby bonding. It's sweet.

"Apparently, they're sold out, all over the city!" HAHA!

"A woman who mates then kills. Reminds me of my father's second wife..."

"Take the film doo-whacker out of there and put it on the screen."

Haha, to Tony's look at Ziva as she stole his thunder. He hates that!

"True, except... I was talking about me!" I love Ziva's grin. She's had a lot of coffee today, I'm betting.

"To be more precise, what would you do if I started head-slapping you?"
"Kill you, probably. It's a reflex thing."

Ziva is SO the female DiNozzo. Hee.

"I just wanted to let you know that I'm not actually a hunter, I was just trying to impress you."
Aw, I like her. I think Tony should date her for long time.

Aw, poor Abby! And Gibbs is so stupidly oblivious. I give you hugs Abby!

"Now I know how Molly Ringwald felt in Sixteen Candles."

"Easy, not sleazy."
"What's the difference?"
"Mostly the make-up."

Aw, McGeek has a total backbone now! YAY!

DiNozzo was standing a little close to McGeek. In a good way, but still.

They're talking about different things here. And McGee doesn't even realize. And Abby does, hee.

"I've had a few wives, Abby."
"And yet you know so little about women." AND OUCH! I love her tone there.

And she just steps back, with an 'I'm not done yet'.

"Boss, this definitely doesn't look like a coincidence."
"Ya think, McGee?"

"If by 'worse', you mean multiple homicides in your park, then yeah. It's 'worse'."

I wonder if this episode, ZIVA gets to be the one who dates the evil person. Instead of Tony. Haha.

"You'll like her, she's a vampire." HAHA! I LOVE YOU!

GOD, could she be more unsubtle?

"Is it me, or is it hot in here?"
"Probably a little of both."

TONY! SHUT UP TONY! YOU SUCK! I mean, you're hilarious as all hell, but you still suck. A pottery accident? KILN BLEW UP?!

"Tell me something I don't know."
"About the case, or something more interesting?"

"You are correct, Mr. Ranger Sir."

"Can you interrogate him without breaking bones?"
"Truthfully... No."

"The man's a serial-killing racist, Gibbs!"

Hey, my dad does the 'get your hands out of your pockets' thing too! Only without the 'boy' part. And it's usually more 'quit talking with your mouth full' than anything.

"You know him?"
"Yeah, as the idiot who got eaten by a bear."

"You shave, right?"

"Yeah! That was actually plausible." And he applauds.

"No, I mean, this guy actually reproduced."

"I know."
"He knows."
I love you, Tony.

"It's not poisoned." But there's so much more things you could put in there other than poison! Haha.

Aw, poor Ziva. Spilling her heart out to some racist hick. And he actually responded. That's sweet. I like bonding. And now they both look about to cry. Sniff.

Left who? I MUST KNOW!

Aw, I love Tony's 'what the hell is wrong with him?' gesture.

"Well aren't pins just as hard to find?"
"No." "No."

"I also know how old you are."
"No, you can forget that."

Aw, that's so sweet! He snuck into her office!

"This is so Pulp Fiction."

Hey, I just realized that she's from Myberg! (...Leesberg.)

"I hate it when men try to protect you."
"Oh, he's not trying to protect me. He's afraid that I'll kill Roland before we find out where the girl is."

Poor McGeek. I am so McGeeky.

"Y'hear"? Sheesh.

"I'm sorry, that was bitchy."

"You mind if I grab a bat-nap?" HAHA! HAAAAA! I should NOT be that amused.

Gibbs threw the gun at him! AND THEN SHOT HIM IN THE ASS AHAHAHA!

Next week, on an all-new episode of EHNSIS!: "You're killing everyone!" "I'm not the one wearing a bomb."

Good episode, folks. Meet you back here tomorrow for my CSI: New York reactions.
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