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"The purple one's supposed to make you smarter."

Spoilers for the latest CSI: New York.

Hoorah for a new CSI:NY!

OH, GROSS! BLOOD WATER! EEEEEEW! EEEEEEEEEEEW! This is like what me and Kat used to joke about, with dead birds falling into the water tower near our school and the water going pink? Yeah.

Also: GROSS!

"She was a doorman. Woman."

Thanks for the zoom on the blood water, CSI. What would I do without you?

So what'd they do with all the blood water, anyway?

Yay for plaster molds!

So is Morgue Guy NY's Grissom? ...okay. That works. Mac seems more like a Doc Roberts, anyway.

That looks like a pretty sweet way to die. I mean, strangulation not fun, but still. Stangularion by swing? That's pretty cool.

Hawkes used to watch boxing with his dad! Aw.

"I'd say this started out as a good ol' fashioned playground fight."

Ew, blood water and now blood sand. And what exactly is Danny doing during all this, anyway?

They've got some pretty sweet computers, dude.

"Hawkes said I missed some fun at the playground?"

Aw, Danny looks so cute leaning on the table.

"See, this guy here? He could be a murderer. So next time you see him, get a name. And give me a call." I LOVE the way she said 'he could be a murderer'. Hee!

Trendforecasting. Coolhunting. Wow, dawgz, all my sociology classes iz comin' back to me, dawgz.

"Mac, I believe in the science!" God, I hate you Lindsay. HAAAATE. My hate of you knows no bounds.

"Murder and romance. It's always about the little things."

Betrayal may be the oldest motive for murder in the book, Mac, but it's only fourteen minutes into the episode. I srsly doubt that we're going to spend the rest of the episode watching Little Miss "I Believe in Science!" investigating urban legends, alright?

So, since when is Danny the video tech expert, anyway?

"I don't have to kill the competition, I'm already doing it."

Did we really need the crime-o-vision on how trendspotting works?

"You know this guy, Elliot?"
"Try to imagine him alive."

Ben 'Hanging from a Swing' Hatfield.

"Next new fad, ligature marks instead of tattoos?"

"You get it?"
"Got it."

The apartment owner dude is a little freaky looking. Creeptastic.

Hooray for painkillers.

Oh, GROSS. He swallowed his own tooth. My cousin did that once. She also lost a tooth down the tub drain. She has a hard time holding on to things.

"And, as soon as you analyze it, it might lead you somewhere!"

HAHA! This song kills me. "Fashion Kills". MWAH.

DUDE. How'd he get such kickass pictures off of, I dunno, A CELL PHONE CAMERA?!

"Safe to say we're skipping lunch."

And cue Daddy Yankee! Hoorah!

DUDE. Danny is so hot.

"Not to mention you get to tell everybody you beat a cop."

...Is Danny seriously playing wallball with a random guy? That amuses me so much, you don't even know. And he was doing that all for analysis purposes? HAHA! HAAAA! It is to laugh.

I love it when Flack gets all up in peoples' faces. He looks so hot when he does that.

I bet Mrs. Doctor set him up. That's my bet, at minute 36.

How much do I love Flack offering the dude chicken soup?

Instinct points you in a direction, science confirms a theory. Hm. Interesting theory.

Reptile skin? Okay then.

Handball, not wallball. Whatever.

"You should've seen me whipping these kids' asses!" Not that you'd brag, or anything, right Danny?

Oh, gross. I don't need to look at ANYTHING through microscopes while eating, thank you very much.

I like this episode. It's more about finding the evidence to get the guy, not to find him. Different. And, of course, means that they grabbed the wrong suspects.

Yay for DNAing fingerprints! Haha. Or... not.

Wait, I thought fingerprints went bye-bye after a few days? Or is that just in dry climates like Vegas?

Haha, Danny's wearing the suspect's shoes.

"Make tracks, cowboy." Okay, so they're a little bit cute together. I'll give them that.

I love plaster casts of... well, anything. They're just so cool.

Worn by... the victim? Wha? I'M SO CONFUSED. Wait! She committed suicide and staged it to look like Doctor killed her? Well... that's one way to kill yourself, I guess.


No, wait, he looks like someone other than Chip. WHO IS HE?!

Hey, finally a lawyer who actually stops the client from babbling! This guy needs to go over to Law & Order, ASAP.

Mac totally smirked at her.

"That building was haunted. By a woman who died the day her daughter did." Wow, dramatic much, dude?

Hey, Vitamin Water! Yummy! Or, rather, I used to think yummy. Now, not so much.

"The purple one's supposed to make you smarter."

Yankees' pitching rotation? DANNY!

"What belonged to YOU? You, in your three-thousand dollar suit?"

But how'd she get rid of the shoes, then? HOW?!

Flack seemed almost sympathetic when he told Doctor 'time to get clean'.

I feel sorry for the super. I even feel sorry for the doctor a little.

"I don't care that she used me. I loved her. I guess that makes me a chump."
Short, simple, and sweet. Aw. Perfect ending.

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