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"There's too many forensics shows on TV."

Spoilers for the latest CSI.

Aaand, of course, empty wrappers sitting in front of the security station. Of course. Of cooooooourse.

Well, that was interesting. You would've thought the pretty little drunk blonde thing would've been the vic.

'Hard Crime'? Oh, jeez. I love the look Grissom gave the camera. Amused the hell out of me, I tell you what.

"There's too many forensics shows on TV." BWAHA!

"Mr. Grissom, can you please describe what you're seeing?"
"A long night."

Fact: Juicy Drop Pops are simply awesome.

Jeez, stupid show people.

Sofia needs speech lessons. You can tell she's British, dude. So can tell.

Damn, I got distracted and forgot to look for Hodges'n'Bobby in the credits! Damn it! Now I don't know if they're in this episode!

Ew, nail polish. Gross. I mean, I like the fumes, but otherwise? Naw.

HODGES! HOORAY FOR HODGES! And he wants to get on camera.

"Are you looking for the cameras?"
"I would've thought they'd be looking for me."

"Yeah, but when they cut it together, it'll only take thirty seconds."

Hodges is dressing pretty snapily. Mm.

HAHA! "That's a waste of film." I love you Hodges. I bet that Hodges will be all pissy at Archie later.

I love that you can see the boom mike in the non-camera view shots.

Oh, Nicky. I didn't agree before, but now I do. CUT THE HAIR.

"We don't like it when the bad guy walks." Something about the way Nicky said that was crazeh awes.

And she pops the buttons. Ah, Sofia. And how much do I love Sofia and Brass working together, anyway? TOO MUCH, THAT'S HOW!

"She was playing Barry White. Everyone knows what that means." MWAHA!

It's weird, them whispering. Instead of hollering across the lab.

HODGES! I LOVE YOU! "Hey there, gorgeous." HEE! And Hodges paged the camera crew so he could get face time.

"Hodges, what's wrong with you?"

OMG. HODGES, YOU LOOK LIKE A TOTAL LOSER. Cute, but a loser. Oh God.

"Kids, Internet, you do the math."

"No wonder they call you Brass, man, 'cause you got a pair."

Archie again! What's with all the labrat facetime with zero Greggo?

"Mr. Grissom, we may have missed that. Could you say it again for the cameras?" OH, GOD, THE LOOKS THEY GAVE THE CAMERA! Griss, I'll admit, gives the best whiskey-tango-foxtrot faces.


"Did you ever hear the saying 'only the dumb ones get caught'?"
"Yeah. But we get the smart ones too."
And then Greg geeks out over the whole scenario, because he's a total geeky loser.

And here's what I like to call the "nobody feels good" part of the show.

Yay for more Greggo!

"Yeah, he gave us a full description. Said he looked like a fireman."

My dad just said "scuba tank".

"I bet he used nitrous oxide. That stuff'll knock you out real fast." He talks like he knows from experience. Oh, Greggo.

Great. Marital strife for Warrick'n'Tina. Sheesh.

HAHA! Yay for Doc Robbins on the treadmill! That's so awesome.

Hey, Sofia and Sara are getting along! HOORAH!

"Is this what you guys call a fishing expedition?"
"This is what we call following a lead."

My TV just blacked out for a while. I hope I don't miss no footage.

And it just did it again.

Whew, finally back!

"You have to narrow it down."
"Thaaat is narrowed down."

"So they have... nothing in common."
"Sure they do. They both have feet."

You know, I can't tell Sofia and Catherine apart from even a short distance.

She's cute. And I can say that, because I'm secure in my femininity.

Catherine, get out of the fatal funnel! Jeezus. Stupid. Good thing there was no one lying in wait to shoot you dead. STUPID. Which is why CSIs should HANG THE HELL BACK. Argh.

OMG, THE RAPIST IS VOLDEMORT! ...oh, sorry. Nevermind.

And now a dead one. Sigh. So, was the guy the firefighters grabbed the guy whodunnit? Okay. Good.

Catherine's a little creepy. But not super creepy. Not really. More sad, really.


Nice sound-bite there, William Petersen. I MEAN! Grissom.

Know what I'm going to do now? I'm going to go watch my Booker DVDs that arrived today. Oh yes. Yes I am.
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