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Amusing stuff, Chuck E. Cheese, In Justice, and Numb3rs.

Things that amuses me, Today's Edition: I have David Monahan as a Google alert, right? Well, it turns out that David Monahan is the name of a Massachusettes Assistant Attorney General. Guess where Crossing Jordan takes place? Hee!

7510 Parkway Dr.
Littleton, CO 80124

(The address of the Chuck E. Cheese I'm going to tomorrow, 8PM-11PM, for Katie's b-day party. I NEED TO WRAP HER GIFT!!!! I got her this big book of Broadway, full of color pictures, too. I'm tempted to get her the Veronica Mars soundtrack, too, but she'd just roll her eyes at me.)

By the way, Harry Potter roleplayers of GreatestJournal: next person I see using ORLANDO EFFING BLOOM to play MARCUS FLINT gets shot. I really, really mean it. I'll kill 'em. Kill 'em DEAD.

I'm watching I Love Toys, waiting for the new In Justice, and WOW. NOSTALGIA. Remembering the pepper juice in the squirt guns, my Hot Wheels, and my bike (I was totally the first in the neighborhood

Spoilers for the latest In Justice, "Badge of Honor".

Hey! Adam callsign! SWEET. I guess... wherever this is... uses the same phonetics as we do.

No! STUPID! You don't seperate. Two people on every footchase, damn you all to hell.

Well, that was abrupt.

And then the interesting cut to a waffle place. Banana-peanut butter? Actually sounds good.

"You know, according to the Pope, we're still married."
"According to the Pope, we couldn't do half the things that we did when we were married."

HAHA! "We're out of the pecan blueberry."
"Think she wears that home?"

"You know what's worse than being a cop in prison? Being an innocent cop in prison."

"Heard you went over to the dark side."
"From the look of things, so have you."

"Because the only thing worse than being blamed for her death? Is her being dead."

HOT CONTI RUNNING! He runs like a rugby player. Hee.


At least this doesn't seem to be an episode where they're all "ARGH! INTERNAL AFFAIRS = EEEVIIIIIIIL!"

Throwdown. I like this.

"Is it just me, or does this sound personal?"

Oh, Bubba. I love you.

"We're really taking on the cops?"
"No, we're trying to clear one."

"So we're going after the cops?"

"David, why is there a saddle in your office?"

"Can I help you?"
"May I help you."

Ooooookay. That's more than a little creepy.

"We're taking on the Soletti case."
"You always did have a way of pissing people off."

"Wow, good investigative work there, partner."

"Joe," makes 'come on' gesture.

"Ah, go to hell." HEE!

Ah, so he was the dead cop chick's partner.

"You don't call, then you show up when I have a gun in my hand? Bold."

HAHA! She shot in the genitals.

I love her encyclopedic run down. I'm totally calling her Google Gal now. Since I don't know her name. Maybe Google Gun Girl.

Swain has a stalker, now?

Ruh roh. And now the cops go to protect their own.

He's totally serious. You follow someone for three minutes, you'll find a book's worth of things to pull them over for.


And then she rips off code and verse, in front of witnesses.

She looks a bit like Sasha Alexander right there.

"And maybe I killed John Lennon too."

I love Conti's righteous rage at that jackass.

I feel so sorry for Soletti. Even if I wanna put Siletti, like the Rescue Me guy.

"Hey- you a cop or something?" Aw. AW. So cute.

"Well, tell them to quit convicting the wrong people."

Why does Spy Guy look SO DAMN FAMILIAR?

Spy Guy = Richard... somethin'.

Oooooh. Sonya's got a gun!

What's he drinking? It has a blue straw.

Aw, poor angsty Conti. I'LL HUG YOU! I will. You're too cute to angst.

"You ever get scared?"
"Of what?"
Me waiting for: "Of anything?"

And then the "Nevermind." "Wait." "What?" "...nothing."

And again with the "Why don't you ask him yourself?" thing.

"So you thought one friend on the force is one too many, you wanna piss me off too?"

Actually, in Conti's case, it seems more it's the cops who are proven guilty UNTIL they're proven guilty.

Roccha! That's it!

"Hey Roccha. Just wanted to make sure you hadn't fallen asleep yet."

"Stumbled a bit on secure transactions, didn't we?"

If you're a cop, if you need your car detailed, if whatever.

"Mr. Meth? Mr. Crack?" HEE!

"Not cool, man."

"That's ancient history, man."
"So I'm a historian."

"That's quite a trick, Rodriguez. Do you do kids' parties?"

"Brianna, you ever fire a gun?"
"Wow, where'd that come from?"

Dude, Roccha is totally creeptastic. Liek woah.

Hee. He went to his

"This is police harassment!"
"No it's not. He's not even a cop."

"This guy is crazy!"
"No argument here."

I love how he just stops, because he knows Conti's going to be there to grab the guy anyway. Hee!

"I'm sorry, but did Mr. Rocca just say 'so what'?"
"Yeah! So what!"

"Oh - and you're named personally."

I swear Rocca smiled at Swain. I like Rocca. He should stick around. He could totally be the big bad.

Okay, that was a cool shot. Guard, Soletti, Conti, guard.

AW! AAAAAAW! All the cops there, and saluting him. Aw. And then surrounding him and clapping him on the back. And Conti's happy, but he's also sad, because he'll never get that welcome. And his partner nods at him, and it's okay. Aw. I'm crying. I'm really and truly crying.

"I like you better these days."
"Really? Is it the haircut?"

I KNEW Rocca would still be lying in wait. I knew it. Which was why I was all "Uuuuuh. No."

Next week, on an all new In Justice: "Do you understand love, Charlie?" "It's a mystery."

Spoilers for the latest Numb3rs, "Mind Games".

So... what? Was it CBS's turn to film in the forests and parks?

"Psychic?" I love Colby's delivery on that.

Oh, great. Don't tell me that Megan's going to believe in psychicness.


"Wow, he really IS psychic, he read my mind."

"Aaah, this is where we lay the ground for an insanity plea."

Oh, Charlie.

"They're about to publish my book." Hee.

"Your father- always wanted a son, didn't he?"
"You were the youngest? Three older sisters?"
"Something- no one else knows about you." TELL ME!

Don's the believer. I'm calling him Mulder. And I'm calling Charlie Scully.

So Colby's doing the grunt work again.

Ew. Evisceration.

"The Satanic stuff?"

I like Colby-David time.

Hee! Scully's gonna be in an elevator with Lionel Luthor!

Charlie's all about the logic.

Aaaand now Lionel brings up the mother-thing.

"Okay, now you've stepped into the category of conman."

So. Did Charlie have a bad experience with a psychic, or what?

"I'll get the next one." Aw! So much comic opportunity missed.

AND he can read forensic evidence! Ah, Colby.

"Thank you for destroying any faith I had in public safety."

They're eating in the caf. That amuses me.

I love Larry.

"What flavor of crazy Kool-Aid do they make you drink when you join the physics department?" HEE!

"And no pun intended, it's a cut-throat business."


But we all know he didn't do it.

So why'd he run, then? INS-fear WOULD'VE made sense.

"Are you kidding me?"
"Nah. I have a whole other 'kidding' face."

Ah, private border patrol. That makes sense.

HEY! I remember reading about the CIA-psychic program.

Hee. Air hockey.

"I don't want to interrupt your victory."
"That would imply we're actually doing something."

"DON'T." He points at Charlie. HEE!

"These yahoos also ripped out the vocal chords of goats, and then sat back and tried to kill the goats with their minds."

"This poor man here is obviously too far gone to be saved, but please tell me you don't believe it."

"All it means is he spent an hour or two Googling you." GOOGLING!

"Eppesy, I was BORN ready."

Hey! They're using correct interview stance! YAY!

"How'd I do?" She storms out.

HAHA! Twenty-five cards, got them all wrong. I READ THAT IN THE BOOK HIDDEN TALENTS OMG!

"There's a reflection here, I think."

"He cheated, Larry, he's a cheater."

Larry looks totally hot. Also, sounds like Bob. Creepeh.

Haha! "Shakespeare also had people sprouting donkey ears and wood fairies." I also love that line because DK was in a remake of Taming of the Shrew.

"That isn't science. That's politics."

It's not entirely true that they're back where they were at the beginning. At least they know what NOT to look into now.

YAY FOR COLBY MEETING THE PSYCHIC! I wanna see him psychic-analyzed.

Maybe they have kids, are are carrying something, or... I don't know.

"I thought you were feeling left out, not being part of the case." HEE!

Whoa, this is cool. The math of herd movements.

I love how Charlie pulls up a chair to sit closer to Colby. Hee.

Don has really, really red lips. Heh.

"Ah, well, they're better than random sketches, right? ... right?"

"Was I asleep? Did I miss the memo? When did the world throw rational thought out the window?"

"Please. Show me enough respect not to compare me to your swami."

And then Charlie stompts off like a child.

Colby has stubble!

COLBY KNOWS SPANISH! *dies of teh hotness*

I love the way he said El Salvador. So hot.

That shirt is NOT good on David. Makes him look fat, and he's really not.


He's going to use salt to show his math-point.

Ahem. It seems I was being a moron. IT WAS THE FIRST GUY.

"The Colorado River, the Pacific Ocean, a bathtub?"
"Alright, Charlie."
HEE! I was waiting for a 'down, boy', or a 'rawr!', like from Carmen in Spanish class.

HAHA! They caught you like a rat in trap, my drug smuggling boyo.

MEAN!COLBY! I like it. I like it A LOT.

Whoa. That was a trippy zoom/light blur thing.

"That's quite a gift you have there."
"Let's leave it at that."

"Come on. That's spooky."

"...coincidence." Oh, Charlie. Keep telling yourself that, my love.

Aw, poor Megan. Also, somehow satisfying that it DIDN'T end with a total reconciliation for her and her father.
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